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Five Bags of Popcorn

Five Bags PopcornNeed advice on what movies to see? On Cinema’s most likely not going to help. But if you need some mindless mayhem, fill up those bags of popcorn.

On Cinema is back for season 11 and is up to their third episode, with a new one airing every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on Adult Swim’s website. Only online, the production hosted by comedians Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington is an off the rails movie review show that has nothing to do with movies.

The duo pose as film critics, yet it’s 99 percent certain that they’ve never seen the movies before they walked on set. Every movie they rate receives five bags of popcorn, the highest rating possible (which is especially challenging when the rating is given to bombs like Nine Lives). Tim is the frontman of the show who spins it out of control with his own drama, while Gregg tries to keep the show strictly on movies, but always fails.

Although the show is extremely silly and sounds like something anyone can pick up, it’s actually hard diving right into. There are plenty of long running gags inserted in season 1 that carry all the way to season 11.

In this new season, Tim has won the exclusive rights to the On Cinema brand, which was taken away by the Delgado Holdings Group. In the previous season, the Delgados sued Tim for killing their son and nearly 20 other victims at a music festival where he distributed faulty vape pens, but he was not convicted of the charges. After coming to an agreement with the Delgados, Tim now has complete control of On Cinema and has made himself the CEO.

As for Gregg, he’s created a new segment called “Classic Movie Time,” but Tim refuses to show it because he would rather dedicate the time toward prayer, which he has dabbled into since going through the hardships of getting the rights for On Cinema.

I know, you’re probably scratching your head and thinking, “What is wrong with this show?!” But I’m only skimming the surface on the craziness that ensues.

Each episode is roughly ten minutes, which makes it easy for a binge (depending on how much your brain can take). If you’re thinking about jumping in without killing that many brain cells, there’s a ten minute video recapping all the show’s events from Tim creating his own rock band Dekkar, to Martin Sheen’s brother and D-list actor Joe Estevez becoming an integral part of the series.

The show’s humor strikes an incredibly bizarre balance between dumb and masterful. The duo expertly plant jokes early in the season, build them up, and come back to them so late in the game when you least expect it.

Thus far, season 11 is on track to be another hilarious rollercoaster. Tim has released a new movie out nationwide in theaters called Mister America, which chronicles his run for the District Attorney of San Bernardino County, where he was wrongfully accused of murder. Tensions are boiling between him and the director because he won’t appear on the show. Meanwhile, Gregg is butting heads with Tim (as always) to get his segments of classic movies on the show.

It’s shaping up to be another five bag season.

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