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Heavenly Howls Heard at The Saint

entertainment-sea-wolfMonmouth County is full of legendary venues; few of those places, though, have the charm and renown of The Saint. This bar is considered the center of the local music scene. Nationally recognized bands, from Lifehouse and Red Wanting Blue to Sick Puppies, Creed and Incubus, come to perform here as well, often for a price that you just can’t beat.

Upon entering The Saint, I was immediately struck by the classic rock-venue décor. It’s a throwback to the era where the music scene was all that people talked about. The walls are lined with posters of the artists that have played there. It’s spacious enough to give everyone room to breathe, but it has a feeling of closeness- of people being brought together by the singular love of great live music.

That’s not to mention their state-of-the-art equipment. A full soundboard, stage and professional lighting bring the quality of a venue that should cost upwards of 100 dollars- but the tickets are typically no more than 15.

As part of their recent tour, Sea Wolf, along with Hey Marseilles performed at The Saint on Tuesday, November 16 alongside a local band called Underwater Country Club, 

The show opened with a set by Underwater Country Club. The band has released two albums since its recent inception, so there was plenty of variety to be heard. Their combination of blues rhythms and engaging lyrics made them, overall, an excellent group. They were also a great choice as an opening band- the audience was cheering by the second song. Slow, sentimental bass lines got the crowd listening with rapt attention in one song shortly before a haunting electric guitar got them going wild with excitement. Their creative, powerful instrumentals combined with their dynamite melodies are sure to please any listener. If I hadn’t known differently, I would’ve sworn they were nationally recognized.

According to the band’s website, “The group quickly gained recognition for their on-stage presence and intriguing arrangements. The bands overwhelming dedication to their live performance became a signature aspect of their popularity.”

This excellent band was followed by Hey Marseilles, a band that combines orchestral music and folk melodies in a uniquely beautiful way. Opening their set with a dramatic piano piece, the crowd knew the coming songs would not be soon forgotten. Add in the presence of a cello, violin and an accordion, and these Seattle-based musicians won the hearts of their east coast audience. They sang of heartbreak, happiness and everything in between, delivering consistently moving music for the hour of their performance. It’s no surprise that they were on a national tour with Sea Wolf.

This group includes Matt Bishop (lead vocals, guitar), Nick Ward (guitar, mandolin), Philip Kobernik (accordion, piano), Patrick Brannon (trumpet, bass), Samuel Anderson (cello), Jacob Anderson (viola), and Colin Richey (drums). They’ve released one album so far, titled To Travel and Trunks.

Seattle Weekly has said that “the biggest reason Hey Marseilles stands out in Seattle’s saturated pop scene is its innate knack for crafting sincere songs that rise with anticipation and recede gracefully.”

Samuel Anderson stated that this was the band’s first performance in New Jersey.

Bishop said that, while nothing is certain, they’ll hopefully be touring through our state in March of next year.

After two hours of spectacular music, the eager listeners were ready to hear the headlining band, Sea Wolf, tear up the stage. This indie folk band from Los Angeles recently released their third album, Old World Romance, and they certainly live up to that title. Their soft, flowing ballads, instrumental expertise and flying crescendos kept the audience standing throughout the duration of their set. They have that special musical flair and consistently impressive talent that people can’t help but fall in love with.

The band consists of the founder, Alex Brown Church (Lead vocals, guitar), Lisa Fendelander (keyboards), Theodore Liscinski (bass), Joey Ficken (drums), Nathan Anderson (guitar) and Joyce Lee (cello).

In addition to the three albums released so far, Sea Wolf has contributed music to the soundtrack of The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Dangerbird Records, the artist’s label, says, “Pulsing with evocations of nature at its most elemental, Church’s songs are flooded with vivid imagery, carried along on torrents of sounds as majestic as a mountain stream swollen with the bracing, crystalline runoff of spring’s first warming breath. What’s more, he sings these songs with newfound power, the result of extensive roadwork behind Leaves in the River, while deepening the mesmerizing expressiveness with which he made his initial mark.”

All three bands rocked the house in their own dynamic way, meaning that every viewer got to experience a once-in-a-lifetime lineup that was sure to please any crowd. Whether you like the upbeat and fast pace Underwater Country Club, the orchestral, folksy music of Hey Marseilles or the epic balladry of Sea Wolf, each is sure to leave you enraptured. Their CDs are worth far more than what you’ll pay for them.

Luckily, The Saint is known for delivering a steady stream of fantastic performances, with several artists playing there every single night of the week (and that’s not to mention the bar!), so if you missed this event, you’ll have plenty of chances to get out there for another show. In addition to faithfully supporting local artists, they host events such as the “So Sexy it’s Scary” Halloween party and the Asbury Park Music Awards.

However, the best part of The Saint is easily the professional and welcoming staff. Not only do they know the music industry inside and out, but they do an excellent job at making everyone feel at home.

Shows like this prove that, whereever you look, talent can be found. Any student, whether they’re die-hard music lovers or just need a place to hang out, is sure to have a great time at The Saint.

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