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The Best Part-Time Jobs for Full-Time Students

Part Time JobsBeing a full-time student is fulfilling, but it can be difficult. It is especially hard when you’re balancing a schedule that also includes a job. We all want the degree, but we also need money to get through the degree. While that may feel like a struggle, it’s not impossible.

There are many options when choosing where to work, specifically if it’s best for you to work on or off campus.

If you choose to work off-campus, you do not need to travel far. A commute to work can be very time-consuming and if you have a full workload with your classes, time is the last thing you can afford to lose.

In addition to Monmouth Mall being close by, there are plenty of other off-campus options. There are several Rook Coffee locations suitable for early birds, and various bartending options in Asbury for of-age night owls.

If you are a commuter student, it may be best for you to select an off-campus job that is close to your home instead of school. Samantha Losurdo, a junior communication student, said, “I work at a gym called Tilton Fitness in my hometown. I commute to campus and live about 20 minutes away, so it would be a little crazy for me to drive back and forth.”

Off-campus jobs also allow you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere outside of campus. “I also really like the fact that I have time away from campus and another source of meeting people and establishing relationships elsewhere,” Losurdo added.

If you are worried about off-campus jobs not balancing well with your school work, many managers understand that school needs to remain your priority. Upon being hired, ensure that you are honest about the limitations of your schedule.

“My managers know that school comes first for us, so they help out with scheduling as much as they can,” Losurdo said. If a manager is not willing to work with your schedule, it may be time to look for a different job.

On-campus jobs offer the main advantage of convenience for students, especially to those who live on-campus. Nicole Cimaglia, a mathematics and secondary education student, said, “My schedule is so busy and working on-campus allows me to work a bunch of shorter shifts throughout the week in between class, rather than a full shift all at once. It gives me more time to do my homework and studying.”

While some off-campus jobs may present scheduling issues, on-campus jobs are always understanding that you are a student first. “Both of my jobs at school are set schedules for the week that I chose to work. I definitely think on-campus jobs are more accommodating because they 100 percent understand you are a student first and that you have your own course load,” Cimaglia said.

You can search for on-campus jobs online through Hawks Career Link. Monmouth offers jobs in many different departments around campus, so you can choose to apply to jobs within your major or interests. There are also opportunities to give campus tours within the admissions department.

 Aimee Parks, Assistant Director of Human Resources for Student Employment, said, “Most on-campus departments offer job opportunities. There are also currently 15 off-campus agencies offering Federal Work Study jobs to students.”

It is important to note that while Federal Work Study students will be given priority for employment, all students will have job opportunities. “Even with over 1,150 on campus jobs filled so far this semester, there are plenty of jobs still available online for all students,” Parks said.

On-campus jobs will offer you the chance to feel closer to the Monmouth community. “The networking with professors, administrators, peers and outside clients is invaluable,” Parks added.

Select your job wisely, and decide if your life is better suited for an on or off campus position. If you are realistic with your availability and you always put your school work first, you will be able find the perfect school and work balance.

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