Blue Hawk Records Artist of the Week: Delaney Rivera

Delaney RiveraDelaney Rivera, a freshman music industry student, has a rich musical background. She has been singing since she could talk, was taught how to play guitar and piano by her father, and released an album this past summer called Radiate. Now, she is ready to take on her next musical endeavor—recording a song for Blue Hawk Record’s upcoming compilation album.

“I’ve always been surrounded by music,” Rivera said. “It was just how I was brought up. Music is my way to express myself. I’m a pretty shy person, so music is my way to express how I feel about certain things. It’s an outlet, so usually if I’m stressed or have a lot going on and I need a time to just relax, I’ll play my ukulele or guitar and just sing and write. It’s kind of an escape for me.”

Rivera finds working with the music professionals of Blue Hawk Records to be a gratifying, eye-opening experience following the self-recording of her debut album.

“I’ve never actually worked in a studio before, so getting on the album and being able to have that experience is really cool,” she said. “We hear music every day on the radio but we never really know how it’s created, so I think it’s really cool to see the behind-the-scenes stuff.”

Rivera’s song on the upcoming album, titled ‘Learning to Fly,’ illustrates the singer-songwriter genre that defines her entire discography.

She said, “[The song] is about the transition from high school to college and how my experience in high school was a little toxic and stifling unless I was in the music department. It’s about breaking free from the high school stereotype that you’re put in and getting into college and doing your own thing and learning how to spread your wings and fly.”

Kat Fernandez, a junior music industry student and general manager of Blue Hawk Records, said, “Her song is very inspirational. It’s very singer-songwriter, which is good because that’s what we were looking for the album.”

Each song on Rivera’s debut album, Radiate, represents a different experience throughout her high school career. The album features gleeful keyboards and raw vocals, reflecting the positive vibes she radiates as well as her down-to-earth personality.

“She’s overall just a very nice person,” added Fernandez. “She’s probably one of the nicest people that I’ve met so far working on the album.”

“I try to put a positive spin on everything that I do, and I think my music is unique because it tells my story,” said Rivera.

Along with writing and releasing music, Rivera is the stage manager for the upcoming musical and is a member of the Sea Sharps, Monmouth’s a cappella group.

Rivera sings and plays guitar, piano, and ukulele with her heart on her sleeve. As a freshman new to the Hawk’s nest, she is ‘Learning to Fly’ towards a career in music industry.

PHOTO COURTESY of Blue Hawk Records