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Blue Hawk Records Spotlight: Dan and Jackson

BHR Dan JacksonEvery semester, students in the Music Industry program at the University take Applied Music Industry 3 where they get to experience every aspect of scouting artists, producing and recording music and releasing an album. Joe Rapolla, Chair of the Music and Theatre Arts department and specialist professor, said, “This is a very unique and great experience for these students and it has the ability to reach across many different majors.” Last week we read about  Dan Amato, our first Blue Hawk Records artist this semester. Let’s meet some more artists on the compilation album!

Fresh from Long Valley, NJ, are the freshmen Music Industry duo Dan and Jackson. They are made up of Dan Gilby and Jackson Weippert from the group The Jake Squilby Band, who are well-known in their hometown. Their band name was actually from Dan’s twin brother, Jake, who also goes to Monmouth.  Dan and Jackson have been playing music for 10 years and have known each other for six years. About four years ago they realized that their love of music could be brought together, so they just picked up some instruments in a friend’s basement and started jamming. That eventually turned into playing a few events at their church and grew into several shows throughout their community.

Once Dan and Jackson got to Monmouth this semester, they had to leave that band at home because their third member went away to another college. However, they continued to play music together and brought the song “I Told You” to BHR’s compilation album. Their music has been described as “alternative folk indie pop rock,” and this song in particular is a more “upbeat and chill” tune according to the artists. Some of Dan and Jackson’s influences are Bon Iver, Ben Howard, U2, Mumford & Sons, Kings of Leon, and so many more, which makes their music so unidentifiable with one genre. 

Dan and Jackson’s song has a really unique sound that has been described as “a perfect song to drive to” by Amato, another artist on the album and a freshman music industry student. This song was actually written by Dan and was shown to Jackson during a 2 a.m. jam session on the beach during a Long Beach Island trip with their friends. It was there that they created the final product you will hear on the album.

Often when these artists are on the compilation album, recording in a professional studio is a new and exciting experience for them. For Jackson that was certainly true, and although it was new for him, he loved it and had so much fun working with great musicians who have done this before. Dan, on the otherhand, had recorded some music over the summer but said it was great to be in the studio with one of his best friends.

As far as the future of Dan and Jackson is concerned, they have a lot of music to share and are always writing, so you may see an album in the future!

Dan and Jackson would love to give a huge “Thank You!” to all the guys that helped them get this song together including: Jon Bass on bass and Owen Flanagan on drums, both sophomore music industry students.  Also a big “Thank You” to Lakehouse Studios for all the help recording and mastering the mix for the song. Don’t forget to check out Dan and Jackson at the Release Show on Dec. 9 in Anacon Hall in the Rebecca Stafford Student Center along with the other talented artists on the album!


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