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Now is the Time to Get Involved During College

Freshman year anxiety overwhelms you. You think that joining some clubs would be a fun and easy way to get involved and make friends. Yet, sometimes, that anxiety gets in the way of everything.

You're too worried about going to meetings alone, or you tell yourself that you're a freshman so no one is going to care about your opinion anyway. You tell yourself you can wait a year.

Don't sell yourself short. Getting involved is important, and the amount of ways you can at Monmouth is a blessing.

The importance of getting involved is something I cannot stress enough. For me, it changed my entire experience at school. It changed my entire outlook on my future and the life I can build for myself during and after college.

Not only does getting involved in school help build up your resume, but it more importantly can build up your self-esteem and your happiness.

Last year, as a freshman, I was stressed beyond belief with all of my classes. I was scared to get involved, fearing that I would have no time on my hands.

Getting involved with clubs and other activities really doesn't take that much time away from you. Giving up maybe an hour or two of your life to do something you really enjoy, as well as build relationships with new people, helps you more than you realize.

More importantly, I was afraid to put myself out there. Due to my fear and anxiety, I was not happy. I got over that anxiety this year, and I became a happier, more positive person right away. Looking back on my experiences, I wish I had gotten involved sooner.

I had no clue that my experiences from freshman to sophomore year would change immensely, but they have.

Sophomore year, I decided I would step up, I would join at least one club. I was already a member of the first-year honors society, Phi Eta Sigma, but since the induction was last year, I decided I would join something different.

I joined the University's Shadow PR Firm, PRSSA chapter. Once I joined that club, I got the itch to join more. I am also a member of the Residence Hall Association, and a contributing writer for The Outlook.

Now, I have met so many more people than I could have if I wasn't involved. One of the benefits is that I feel as if I'm really building towards my career. By joining clubs, whether they're related to your field of study or related to your hobbies, it really opens you up to other things and other people.

Getting more involved has helped me picture my future in a better light and has helped me really find out what I like to do.

I suggest to all students to try joining at least one club or activity to start. It doesn't matter what the club is, it is the getting involved factor that is what counts.

It may seem like the only reason to get involved is because it will look good on your resume, yet that's only one of the many reasons.

The biggest benefit, in my opinion, is how it will change your college experience completely. It doesn't hurt to try new things, but when you don't try, you don't even know what you're missing.

I do feel that more time should be set aside for club hours so that students will have more opportunities to get involved. It's hard to choose between more than one great things and as students, we shouldn't be forced to.

On that note, make the most out of your college years and I assure you, you will be thanking yourself.

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