V Day Meaning

The Real Meaning of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has become a holiday where having a significant other is the only thing that many focus on. This can be seen by scrolling through any social media or watching television shows that display people crying if they do not have someone to spend the day with. And, if they do have someone they are thrilled.

This, however, is not the only part of Valentine’s Day that matters!

When looking back on my childhood, I realized that Valentine’s Day was about loving those around you — your family, your friends, your teachers. Anyone who touched your life and caused a positive impact is someone that deserves your attention on the special day. When sitting in the second grade, your teachers explain that you are allowed to bring in Valentines for your classmates.

Even though you may have given the girl who sits next to you the “ugly” sticker or the boy across the room a card of the valentine you did not like, the act of giving your kindness to all was practiced. This was something that impacted me immensely because, after reaching a certain point in your life, you realize that there are those you may not agree or get along with, but you have to be able to manage working with them. Teachers have been attempting to teach children this since the beginning and it is something that all should realize is important.

Another way that Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in an “unusual” way is through showing your love for your family. So many people stress over not having someone but we neglect the people we do have!

Understanding that showing your appreciation to those who love and support you every day is something that many do not even think about on this holiday. Knowing that love covers a larger span than just having a significant other is key to happiness, especially in a time where the pressure to love someone is so high.

If you were like me growing up, church played a large part in your youth. From a religious standpoint, Saint Valentine was not about the sappy love stories and cupid arrows. In reality, Saint Valentine was about loving his faith and being loyal to his church. Saint Valentine was killed for his love of the church, but stayed loyal to his faith up until his death.

When I was young, this did not mean much to me other than the idea that some old person loved God, but after viewing it from new perspective at nineteen, it is clear that February 14 is more significant than buying someone chocolate. This holiday to celebrate the love you have for whatever you believe in and those who mean the world to you, not just showing your love for a boyfriend/girlfriend.

The greatest Valentine’s Day gift I have received has been the realization of loving all people in your life that have made you happy. Even though I am lucky enough to have an amazing boyfriend for many years now, celebrating Valentine’s Day with my family has been something that I has become a tradition since I was young.

Another reason that I may feel this is an important date because it is my mom’s birthday (happy birthday Mom!), but I believe that the people I choose to surround myself with have taught me that showing love to everyone is one of the key ideas that everyone needs to learn in life.

IMAGE TAKEN from Suzi Mellano’s Twitter page