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Is Steven Avery Innocent or Not?

Making a Murderer is a documentary series that has been getting a lot of attention recently. This 10-episode series focuses on the conviction of a Wisconsin man, Steven Avery. The Netflix original series became available this December, and since then it has had a lot of people talking.

The series begins with Avery being released from prison after a wrongful conviction of 18 years. After this, Avery began a $36 million civil suit filed against Manitowoc County. While in the middle of this, news came out about the death of Teresa Halbach, a local woman. Avery instantly become a suspect in the case and later police found signs that pointed to Avery committing the crime. The show goes in depth analyzing the court case surrounding the death of Halbach.

The show consists of actual court footage and interviews with almost everyone involved in the case. As the viewer you are presented with both sides of the story, allowing you to form your own opinion on whether you think Avery is innocent or not. The most important evidence is that the body of Halbach was found on Avery’s property. Opposed to this, there are many instances where it looks like some blood evidence could have been planted on the scene.

There are a lot of loose ends in this case, which gives the viewer so much room to form his or her own opinion. While the police evidence looks like it could prove Avery guilty, the opposing side shows there is a possibility some of the evidence could have been tampered with. Avery is also not able to provide a good alibi. Besides the evidence making Avery look guilty, there are some people saying they saw him do it. His nephew Brandon also made a confession to the police saying that he was there when Avery killed Halbach.

After watching the series, most viewers have expressed that they do not think Avery is guilty, and some have even gone as far as making petitions to get him a retrial and possibly out of jail. I just do not think there is enough evidence that proves Avery did not do it. Yes, I agree that there is some evidence presented by the police that doesn’t add up. I do not think Avery has enough evidence to support that he is innocent, especially with inconsistent confessions from his family. I think the documentary focuses a lot on the police and that they could have planted evidence in this case in order to prove Steven to be guilty. Although there is nothing right about the police planting evidence, there is nothing that can prove Avery had nothing to do with the murder.

Most of the talk about the show had me believing that when I finished the series it would be obvious to me that Avery was innocent, but that was not the case. After watching the whole series, I have to agree that Avery is guilty. I kept asking myself the same questions, like if he did not kill Halbach, why were people giving vivid details about what they saw? What was he actually doing when she was murdered? Why was her car and dismantled body found on the Avery property? Why would people in his own family testify against him? The evidence Avery’s lawyers presented only made me think the police could have possibly planted evidence, but it didn’t convince me that Avery was not involved. For me, there was just too much evidence against Avery to think that he did not have at least some part in this murder. There was no evidence that pointed towards anyone else, so I believe Avery is guilty.

In the end, Avery winds up being sent to jail for first degree murder. The last episode consists of friends, family, and even Avery’s lawyers saying they will continue to try and prove him innocent. In an interview, Avery explains he plans on spending his time in jail working on proving himself innocent. The Making a Murderer viewer is left to form his or her own opinion whether Avery is innocent or not.

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