People Opt to Make Costumes

Halloween Gives Way to Creativity

It’s that time of year again. It’s the time to get out all the decorations to hang around the dorms, apartments and houses, and to celebrate the pure fun of the holiday.

It’s that time of year that people get dressed up in costume, scare each other, and eat inhuman amounts of candy.

It’s Halloween.

Halloween is approaching fast and everyone is feeling the time crunch to order costumes, the best costumes, to dress and impress others. Over the years, Halloween has transformed.

Remember those days when your mom would make you a homemade costume, complete with too much glitter and a cape to wear?

I remember one year I wanted to get the Princess Barbie costume. I had told and begged my mother for her to get me that costume; I even gave her the four dollars I had in my piggy bank.

After constantly asking my mother to get me that costume, she said that I would be the prettiest Princess Barbie of all, until I saw what she had made.

It wasn’t Princess Barbie, but a pink cloth covered in glitter with a cardboard and tinfoil tiara. Walking around in a glitter covered pink froofy cloth with a tinfoil tiara was unacceptable for my future princess reign!

Thank goodness I am officially in charge of picking and making my own costumes. Goodbye tinfoil tiaras, frilly pink cloth and glitter that could last a lifetime.

Nowadays, we all have the decision to make and buy our costumes that we want for Halloween. Most of the time college students just make their own costume with whatever they have and add on accessories, such as cat ears, jewelry, or nerd glasses.

However, buying a costume is another option but it’s expensive. No wonder why my mother opted to just make my Princess Barbie costume.

Paying $40 or $50 bucks for a costume that I will probably only wear once?

Definitely not priceless.

More like expensive.

On top of being expensive, some costumes, well, don’t even look like costumes. They look more like little pieces of Band-Aids, or tissues, or pretty much the littlest piece of clothing you can think of.

Aren’t you cold?

But wait! They now have costumes that consist of bandeaus, short shorts, and furry boots.

I guess, it might not be so cold after all. As long as the legs are warm, right?

I believe that is all about having the perfect amount of balance. Show some legs, show a little arm. But don’t over kill it because if that costume rips there are gonna be some issues.


Regardless of having too much clothes, too little clothes, it’s all a costume.

Halloween is all about having fun and eating inhuman amounts of chocolate. Costumes are tradition for Halloween, so get creative. When in doubt, just be a mouse…duh!