How to Stay Warm and Fashionable in the Winter

Warm and Fashionable 1It happens every year: our cute fall sweaters and shoes must turn into bulky jackets and boots making us look like we are ready to climb Mount Everest.

In winter you have to wear the same coat every day just for the convenience of being warm.

What many people don’t know is that there is a way to look good and be warm all in one outfit: Layers, layers, and more layers.

 Layering up an outfit is a great way to stay warm but look cool.

You can just start with a plain long sleeve or button down shirt, then you can really mix it up.

You can layer it with either a big chunky cardigan or an oversized poncho.

Something else that is trending this season is layering jackets, so you can take a simple cozy zip up and put a cool leather jacket over it.

The other great thing about layering is that if you get too warm inside school or work, you can just take one off.

Turtlenecks are always what your mom made you wear when you were younger, but are fortunately coming back in style.

Warm and Fashionable 2Turtlenecks are an awesome way to stay warm in the winter, you could even layer a thin tight one underneath the bigger one for that really cold day walking around the city.

Turtlenecks are great also because they can be casual and style them with jeans and some Steve Madden’s or you can dress it up, getting an oversized one to wear as a dress with some knee-high boots.

Turtlenecks are perfect for these cold winter days coming up, they’re cozy and practical; how much better could it get?

Scarves will be your absolute best friend this season. Ami Burgos, a junior social work student, stated “I am a big scarf girl, they’re a great accessory that keeps me super warm.”

Scarves are a great piece for the wintertime, specifically an oversized blanket scarf.

Blanket scarves are super chunky and soft keeping you very warm.

They also are a great way to style up an outfit, they come in so many different colors and patterns which is great for someone who only wears black during the winter, as many of us do.

Alexis Nulle, Specialist Professor, and PRSSA Advisor agreed, “My advice for the most cost-effective and fashionable winter wardrobe essential is to invest in a warm scarf and winter hat.”

Something that is also huge this winter are bear coats.

Madison Urraro, social work student, said “Bear coats from Molly and Zoey are always my go to! They’re so warm and you look cute wearing them.”

Bear coats are an absolute staple piece this winter, especially if you go to Monmouth University, they are seen everywhere.

Bear coats are so comfortable and always look nice no matter how you style them, it’s almost as if you are wearing a blanket in class.

Something that we will also be seeing this winter season is cozy socks.

Your fuzzy socks aren’t just for a cold night in, people are now actually starting to wear them outside.

Getting a nice pair of warm socks will be essential to keeping your feet warm, they can also play up your outfit making it look fun.

A great way to style these socks would just be under your favorite pair of booties so that people just see the top of the sock peep through.

Another great accessory that is always appearing in fall and winter seasons are beanies.

Beanies are great because they are fashionable and they can keep your head and ears warm. In doing this, it can close warmth into your body which can prevent you from getting the chills during the snowy weather.

Beanie hats and sweater headbands are great to keep you warm and cover that frizzy hair.

Winter happens every year so it’s important to stay warm while looking fashionable. With these style tips, you’ll have the best wardrobe out of all your friends.

PHOTOS COURTESY of Colleen Moretti