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Shop Savy: Holiday Guide

Shop Savy Holiday GuideShopping during the holidays can be stressful, especially if you have a large family.

For those of us who do not brave the stores on Black Friday and miss Cyber Monday, it can be a last-minute dash to find the best deals for gifts.

Luckily, the Interne, as well as some department stores, hold secret discounts that only the most determined shoppers will find out about.

Around the holiday season, it is important to compare prices.

When comparing prices, make sure you are looking at the same exact item on all sites. To make sure you are identifying the correct product, Thomas Cullen, a junior graphic design student said, “Compare model numbers of the item to make sure you are going to get exactly what you are looking for.”

 Many companies sell dupes or their own versions of popular gifts, so it can be easy to fall into that trap.

If you are not sure how to find the best discount codes downloading a browsing feature, such as Honey, can help you.

Honey is a free discount code finder that automatically applies to your total at the check-out.

An Adjunct professor of computer and information technology Matt Marino recommends price matching as well. Marino said, “Utilize apps or online resources to compare prices or find deals.”

Although it may be tempting to avoid the cost of shipping and handling, and shop in store, at times the deals do not add up.

Gianni Mazzone, a junior business major said that when he does his holiday shopping he always looks online first. “When you go shopping in traditional stores it is likely that they will match deals with their other in store competitors, but it is rare that they will match the deal they are running online.”

If you are looking for a wide variety of items, check out Amazon, a large marketplace of all types of products. If you are looking for gifts for your mom, sisters, or girlfriend check out Nordstrom Rack online (or in store) which has great discounts on designer items.

For your dad, brothers, or boyfriend, H&M has great fashion pieces, and accessories for low cost.

Always remember that when you are shopping online to beware of fraudulent products, or phishing schemes. Marino continued, “Make sure to buy directly from known companies. There can be phishing scams out there where people send out a link trying to steal personal email. This is very big this time of year to send emails claiming to click here for an expensive item at a cheap price and it’s a phishing scam to try to steal credit card info.”

If you feel more comfortable shopping in store, try places such as Marshall’s or TJ-Maxx, they have more than just clothes. You can purchase gadgets, home décor, cooking ware and much more for a discounted price.

Although receiving a store-bought gift can be extremely exciting, sometimes it is the more thoughtful gifts that leave a lasting impression.

This holiday season take time to write a meaningful letter, put together a scrapbook, or even create a memory box.

If by reading that sentence you just said to yourself, “That sounds great, but I am not that creative,” don’t worry. You can log onto Pinterest and search any project that you may be interested in and instantly receive thousands of ideas.

Always remember that the magic of the Holiday’s is created by spreading gratitude and spending time with loved ones.

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