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Winter Olympics Cheering on USA!

Winter OlympicsUSA! USA! USA! Although the United States does not dominate the Winter Olympics like they dominate the summer Games I am all for it. PyeongChang is 14 hours ahead of the East Coast, but that does not stop true fans from watching the events.

Sure, you could watch the recorded footage during the day, but the die-hards wake up early and stay up late. On the second day of the games, I set my alarm for 6:00to watch the opening ceremony. I watched with my eyes half-open as Team USA paraded out.

I have napped during the day just so I can stay up late at night. I was able to see Chole Kim win her first Gold Medal in Snowboarding Halfpipe at the ripe old age of 17. I saw Shaun White recapture Gold with his victory run down the pipe. I screamed as Adam Rippon, who is from my hometown, skated his heart out and won Bronze in the Team Skate.

The fact that an Olympic Athlete is from my hometown has made these Games even more special. Although I have never met Adam in person, I attended high school with his younger sister. Rippon has won the hearts of the American people and fully embodies the true meaning of sports and most importantly the Olympics.

Unfortunately, many people do not watch or even think about the Winter Olympics. To some, it is just variations of the same snow sport. But, there are some crazy sports out there that are interesting to watch. Who would think that someone would want to zoom down an ice slide head-first on a sled? You can watch athletes do flips and twists 20 feet in the air, or watch skiers shoot at targets with a rifle. What a wild combination. What a great opportunity to explore new winter sports.

Every Winter Olympics, ‘Curling Fever’ sweeps the nation. People use their household Swiffers and some avocados to show their new enthusiasm for the sport. Curling is the only sport that takes place every day of the Games.

The Winter Olympics showcase sports and athletes that individuals would not typically see on sports networks. It is yet another time for people to come together as a nation to cheer on their countrymen.

Leslie Jones, an American actress and comedian, first showed her patriotism during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Her red, white, and blue outfits and “slay all day USA” slogan won her a place as a commentator at the Games. NBC flew her down and Jones had the time of her life. Jones joined the NBC team again in PyeongChang.

When she is not being an official commentator, she takes to her social media, particularly Snapchat, to share her thoughts on the winter sport she is watching. Jones is the type of Olympic fan that I aspire to be.

As an avid sports watcher and Olympic fan, I love any excuse to don my Olympic hat and jacket to cheer on Team USA. So for the next week, you can find me in my dorm or in the dining hall with my eyes glued to the television screen trying to absorb the energy that is radiating from these amazing athletes.

PHOTO TAKEN by Caroline Mattise

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