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Finding a Furry Friend

Furry FriendI walk through the door and am immediately greeted by a lick and a welcome home bark.

 The love I feel radiating from my dog Dylan’s eyes is a love in which I hope everyone finds themselves one day. Dylan is a pure-bred Labrador retriever with golden fur, which you can definitely spot on all of my clothes because she sheds like crazy. I always heard the phrase “adopt don’t shop” but I never fully understood what that meant until Dylan came into my life.

Dylan came into our lives almost like a miracle. My family had just lost the dog I grew up with, which was also a Lab. Distraught over the loss of our dog, whom was a part of our family, my mom got a call from one of her friends.

A year-old yellow lab was being sent to a shelter whom was known for euthanizing dogs. Fortunately, my mom’s friend knew we were dog lovers and she called right away. Dylan showed up and my family immediately fell in love.

One of the many misconceptions is that adopted dogs are all mutts. I have firsthand experience that all types of dogs need to be adopted including pure bred. There are millions of dogs waiting in shelters to be adopted. The cost of adopting a dog is near to nothing, and the relationship with your pet lasts a life time.

I have never met a more loyal friend than Dylan. Yes that is correct, I said friend. She is always there for me when I need a paw to cry on or someone to snuggle with on cold days. Dylan never says no to a long walk when I need to clear my mind. I have never met a more loyal pet than Dylan.

When thinking about buying a dog I urge you to first look into adopting before making any decisions. You never know when you’re going to find your next furry family member, and friend.

PHOTO COURTESY of Riley Brager

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