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The Climates, They Are A Changin'

Climates ChangingDoesn’t it baffle you that people on this Earth do not believe in climate change? The cause of the many drastic changes our planet has been facing for years and is affecting every area of the planet.

Climate change is the altering of the Earth’s climate through an increase in temperature and precipitation, glacier and snow cover shrinking, ocean warming, rising and acidification, increase in wildfires due to droughts and rising temperature, etc. This is all primarily due to greenhouse gas emissions from human activities involving the combustion of fossil fuels.

When hearing about the shrinking of glaciers, I always picture a polar bear stranded on a tiny and thin piece of ice. It’s very saddening to see polar bears in their disappearing natural habitat. Polar bears and other wildlife dependent on glaciers are at risk for endangerment as glaciers continue to shrink. Animals are being forced out of their natural habitats and if they cannot find a new place to properly relocate, they will die.

The rising temperatures due to global warming is affecting the area around Monmouth University. The summers in this area will become warmer and the winters will too, therefore, a decrease in snowfall. As a Texas native, I am used to the heat but hopefully, this area will not see summers with 100+ degrees. The winters also could fluctuate with having warmer and colder days. Climate change has brought new extreme temperatures, new record highs and lows.

This school year has been extremely rainy. I have found myself putting on my rain boots and jacket in hopes of not getting soaked on my way to class too many times already. The increase in precipitation is due to climate change. The days of getting soaked on the way to class are not on the decline, we will continue to get use out of our waterproof shoes and clothes.

The ocean warming, rising, and acidification will also affect this area. The ocean warming, rising, and acidification will impact the shore just one mile from campus. The ocean water will continue to become warmer and the ocean wildlife will be drastically affected by these changes. Ocean wildlife has been suffering already but will continue and certain species could become endangered like polar bears.

The rising temperatures have majorly affected areas that already suffer from droughts. These areas have been suffering from horrific wildfires. California has been a considerable hot spot for wildfires, many people have lost their homes and their lives. In the news, the California wildfires have been dramatically broadcasted and it is so saddening to see the wildlife burning and the firemen attempting to extinguish the flames but failing.

The main cause of greenhouse emissions comes from factories and vehicles. In order to reduce emissions and to prevent or lessen further damage to our planet, we must reduce the number of emissions by placing preventative measures on them or by developing new and better ways without pollution.

The battle against climate change will be a difficult one, especially with the lack of unity over the existence of climate change. As humans who inhabit this planet, we have the duty to take care of it. It is our fault that global warming is occurring, so it is our responsibility to fix the damages we have done.

Climate change is impacting every living creature on Earth. Animals, plants and humans are suffering. We are harming ourselves with our current practices and that must change. I am hoping that, before it is too late, our society will make drastic changes to protect our Earth.

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