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Running a Marathon? No Thanks

Running MarathonDo I want to run a marathon? No. Hard no.

I don’t even like running around the block. I definitely do not want to train and put my body through hell to run 26.2 miles. I am sure that if I were to complete a marathon I would feel very accomplished, like I had just conquered the world.

Oh well.

My uncle ran in a few marathons but after a while he said that he had had enough. He was tired of wearing his body down. My high school softball coach was an avid runner. He would run every half-marathon and marathon in the area. He would run a race and then come to softball practice directly after. I don’t know how he stood on his legs for three hours after the races.

Every year my tennis team participates in the Red Bank Crop Walk. This is a five mile walk/ run to raise money to end hunger. I walk every year. I couldn’t even run the five miles if I wanted to. Sure, we run during tennis practice and matches, but that’s only a few steps per every shot that we hit. After the first half mile, my knees would burn like a match was lit inside of them. Then my right shoulder would begin to ache with every stride. Then my ankles. And let’s not forget about my breathing. I would really be sucking air during this five mile run that is a walk around the block in comparison to a marathon.

Over Spring Break I went on a trip to Puerto Rico with my parents. While we were there a Iron Man race was taking place. This is even more extreme than a marathon. The participants swim in the ocean, bike, and then run. The participants looked like they were struggling. How could anyone enjoy that?  It just seems painful. 

But just because I would never run a marathon does not mean that I have no respect for the people who do. I have even more respect for them, professionals and amateurs alike.

Nonetheless, I enjoy reading about marathon runners and runners in general. One of my favorite athletes to follow online is distance runner Alexi Pappas. Born in the represented Greece in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. I admire her for her running, but also for her inspirational mantras and writing skills.

Another marathoner that I admire is Tatyana McFadden.Competeing in the Summer Games as a Paralympian, McFadden has a total of 17 medals. This year during the Boston Marathon her wheelchair flipped. But that did not stop her. McFadden ended up finishing second! She is truly an inspring athlete.

While I never plan on running in my own marathon, I will continue to look at marathon runners in admiration.

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