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default article imageHalloween in college is much different from when we were younger. In fact, rather than celebrating on October 31 itself, it is an all-weekend event.

For many schools, at least in New Jersey, the weekend is known as “Halloweekend.” Halloweekend is a weekend full of fun where students spend a lot of time going out with their friends to different parties or events all while wearing costumes.

Depending on what day the holiday falls on, Halloweekend could be considered two days or sometimes even four. This year, Halloween falls on a Thursday, so we all know it will be at least three days of celebrating for us students.

 As fun as this sounds, it is often a long and annoying process that you must plan for well in advance because each day means a different costume. College students have to come up with at least three or four costumes for this one holiday. Many students, especially girls, plan accordingly by thinking of costumes in early October so there is ample time for costumes to be purchased and delivered.

Not everyone takes it this seriously, but it is often much easier to plan for this long weekend weeks in advance because throwing a costume together last minute is too stressful when mixed with classes. Girls, especially, enjoy sharing costumes on different days to make each other’s lives easier and to save some money.

Not every student loves to go out during this holiday and that is more than okay. Many students spend their time making Halloween cookies, treating themselves to candy, and even sitting back and relaxing while watching Halloween movies. The most popular cookies that a lot of college students love to bake are the Pillsbury sugar cookies with the pumpkin or ghost pictures on them. These are delicious and very popular during the fall holidays.

Also, sometimes students who live off-campus even get trick or treaters and spend their nights handing out candy to the young kids. Or, some even go home to spend the holiday with their family. It is always nice to see Monmouth students getting involved in the community they live in and embracing their neighbors.

Monmouth is a great place to be during this holiday. Students are not the only ones who love the holiday, some professors do as well. Professors on campus sometimes bring in candy for their students or try to incorporate some fun holiday activities into their classes if possible.

On-campus, Dunkin even gets into the Halloween spirit by selling pumpkin-flavored coffees and foods as well as decorating their donuts with different Halloween designs, making them extra tasty. As well, the dining hall takes the time to add some decorations for a spooky vibe. The campus is always beautiful but during the fall season, it is even more elegant and eye catching.

 Halloween is a great holiday to spend at Monmouth with all of the events that go on throughout the communities and it allows all students to express themselves in whichever way they desire but in an appropriate manner. Happy Halloween Monmouth! 

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