Appreciate Autumn and All the Fall Festivities it Has to Offer

Autumn – the bright and colorful leaves are falling; the temperature cools down to a crisp degree and lives fall back into their familiar and comfortable routines again as summer winds down and students return to school.

Also worth mentioning are comfy hoodies, Ugg boots, apple picking, haunted hayrides and pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING.Those are just the few of many reasons why for me, it is so easy to fall in love with fall.

Let’s face it, we’re not children anymore, and for most of us summer simply does not mean what it used to. Gone are the long summers filled with days spent by the pool or at the beach and with no responsibilities. Now as working adults, summer is really nothing more than a time of the year when the weather heats up and the roads are packed with shore traffic.

Winter can be fun due to the excitement of the holidays; however, in my opinion it gets pretty old after about the third snowstorm. Snow just means I have to wake up an extra hour early in frigid temperatures to clean off my car and prepare to trek to school, work or wherever else I may need to go.

And spring is a beautiful time of the year. The flowers and trees bloom again and the promise of summer returns. But unfortunately, along with spring comes an abundance of allergies and rain, I will pass on that.

To me, fall is just right. The weather is beautiful and there are endless possibilities for fun activities and events.

No matter how much you love summer, the heat, and sunshine (and believe me, I do too!) when fall begins, it offers a very refreshing change with its scenic foliage and cooler temperatures. Don’t get me wrong, I despise having to bundle up in winter coats, hats, gloves and the works. I shudder at the thought of winter days so brutal that each time I step outside the door I run the risk of getting frost bite just as much as the next girl or guy.

Yet, I think that fall weather is the best, not too hot and not too cold. You do not have to sweat or freeze. It is perfectly appropriate to throw on your worn out jeans, cozy sweatshirt, and boots. You will be very comfortable and in style!

Ladies, get ready for Ugg boots, moccasins, leggings, flannels, scarves, dark lipstick, and pumpkin spiced coffee; it’s sweater weather! And gentlemen, two words, fantasy football. Or real football for that matter, and I will bet that fall is a real hockey fan’s favorite time of the year.

Also, if they are anything like me, girlfriends everywhere are sure to go begin a three month long baking frenzy. Between the upcoming holidays and delicious seasonal ingredients that are available fresh, there is just something about fall that inspires me to whip out my apron and bake up some indulgent treats. Who doesn’t love a good pumpkin pie or an apple cider doughnut?

In addition, fall means back to school. Although many of us may have dreaded that statement as children, now it seems a much more positive thing. In college, some of the closest friends we make may live hours, miles or states away during the summer months when students return home.

Going back to school for college students means being reunited with friends, a little more freedom not living at home, football games, and another semester closer to a degree. For me, a new semester in the fall is always especially exciting as well as refreshing.

Another reason fall is the best, is all of the fun festivities that are associated with the season. From apple and pumpkin picking to fall festivals, haunted hayrides to football games, Six Flags Fright Fest, to pumpkin carving contests, and camping to bonfires and s’mores. The possibilities for entertainment during these months are truly endless.

Some of my favorite fall days involve driving through the farm land and beautiful winding roads lined with bright orange, red and yellow trees to take a hayride out through miles of corn fields, and get dropped off to fill our big baskets with pumpkins, apples, and gourds galore.

In addition, how do you beat going home and watching the football games, carving pumpkins, crafting a cornucopia and baking fresh apple pie?

So whether it is because of the fashion, food, or the weekend fun, for me there is no greater time of the year than fall. Hopefully my fellow friends with fall fever will also be enjoying this autumn season while they can. I know that I will be savoring each and every football Sunday, apple pie, cozy sweatshirt, and pumpkin spiced latte from now until November.

IMAGE TAKEN from http://autumncozy.tumblr.com/