A Farewell to Seniors | Shannon McGorty's Senior Goodbye

default article imageSaying goodbye is hard, but this year's graduating class never got the chance to say it. The seniors did not get to thank their mentors, pass the torch to the next class, or enjoy a stroll around campus one last time. A lot has been taken from the class of 2020 and it is not something they can ever get back.

The past few years have been the best and worst years of their lives. Seniors have cried and laughed, they have felt pain and fear while simultaneously feeling joy and pleasure. Nobody asked for the world to get paused. The times we are living in are hard and uncertain. Having to wear face coverings and being locked in homes is something no one imagined would become a possibility.

Unfortunately, our seniors will not be able to walk across a stage to receive their diplomas. They will not hear the roar of the crowd as they shake the president's hand at graduation. One thing they will know is that even in times of difficulty, fear, loneliness and confusion, they were still able to succeed. Today’s seniors have faced these trying times with tremendous strength, and together they will triumph.

Although this chapter is complete, it feels unfinished. The class of 2020 never got to turn their tassels, leaving the last page of this chapter unturned. Many “what ifs” remain unanswered. The graduates will never have those answers, but they will always have each other and the rest of their hawk family standing beside them. The class of 2020 can now turn their tassels. Your work is complete, your job is done. Get on your way and go have some fun. Congratulations, seniors, you did it. You graduated.