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Is It Safe To Travel Again?

Safe TravelDuring these unprecedented times, many people are still traveling and risking their own safety and the safety of others. Traveling during this pandemic is something I would not do and would not recommend others to do.

Right now, I think traveling during a pandemic is a tough decision to make. I think many people are trying to figure out if they should be traveling or not. There really is not a correct answer; it is a personal choice.

However, I personally would not travel under these conditions right now. With everything still going on, I do not think it is safe to get on a plane because of the risk of possibly getting sick. I believe that it is too soon to be traveling since we do not fully understand the virus yet and a vaccine is still in the works.

People want to know if they will be safe once they get on to a plane and not have to feel anxious and scared. A lot of us are still trying to manage this pandemic in our own ways. I have seen some people going on planes and traveling whereas others are not. I think that traveling is not the right thing people should be doing because of all the social distancing guidelines that are in place. However, many are just going to do what they want and if that involves them getting on a plane, they will. If that is the case and people do travel, they need to beware of the risks that could come along with traveling.

I believe that you encounter a lot of germs when traveling by plane. Walking through the airport, sitting for hours on the plane and touching things that are touched by numerous others is not safe. Airports and planes were gross and germ-filled before coronavirus and now they seem to be thousands of times worse. I know airlines say that they have upped their sanitation practices but you cannot guarantee that they do the best job before you get on the plane.

Although, others will have their own opinions on this particular situation. They may think that because of this pandemic there is no problem traveling. If people do travel during this time, the guidelines they should follow are wearing a mask, quarantining and being tested. You should wear a mask the entire time you are in the airport, on the plane and around others. Quarantining should be followed after you get back from going anywhere. The next thing is that you should be tested after you get back to make sure you are healthy.

I have been tested two times, just to give myself peace of mind. Even though I felt fine prior to those two tests, I wanted to know for sure if I was sick or not. Getting tested is not a bad thing and we should all be able to get tested freely.

I know that others have their own thoughts and opinions towards this pandemic. However, right now we all have to follow what the state is telling us and be extra cautious. In hindsight, we all have to look at the bigger picture. I truly believe it is not a good time to travel. I would rather wait until things can slowly die down from this pandemic and have a safe and enjoyable plane ride.


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