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When is the Right Time to Put the Flip-Flops Away?

Students Continue to Wear Summer Footwear Despite Unfavorable Weather Conditions

opinion_flipflopsWe are all aware that flip-flip season is coming to an end. Or is it not coming to an end? Does flip-flop season ever end? Maybe the season to flip and flop is not officially over. I mean, I still wear them in my apartment, just not outside. Or maybe some people still wear them outside. How do we know when exactly to kick the flip-flops off and put our furry boots back on?

When was there ever a rule that flip-flops should be officially taken “off season?” When would the “off season” be? October? November? Maybe even December? I have come to notice that many people are still wearing their flip-flops.

I am not totally against wearing flip-flops during the fall and winter months. Let’s face it: they are very convenient and comfortable.

When I am in my apartment and I need to do my laundry, why would I pack on thick socks and boots to walk all the way downstairs. I do not know about you, but that sounds like too much work to do my laundry. So hello my Old Navy (best brand ever) red colored flip-flops, we are about to do laundry.

However, I have seen, on campus, a few students who are still wearing them outside. This is the part where you all envision me bowing down to them because I am pretty sure all ten of my toes would snap off. I feel like once my toes are cold, I am done for the day.

All I would need is a warm blanket, really thick fuzzy socks (you know, the ones your mom always gives you around Christmas), some hot chocolate, and a good movie.

I give out major props to all of those students still strutting in their flip-flops; your feet must be impervious to the cold.

Isn’t it incredible that summer is over? It feels like yesterday that I was wearing shorts with my flip-flops, prancing through campus in the warm sun- until it rained.

Now in general, if it is raining, do we still wear our flip-flops? I am not the Queen of Graceful Land, but here is a simple equation: me plus rain divided by flip-flops equals the action of me face planting in the mud or sidewalk.

True story.

That did happen-sadly.

For those of you who can walk two feet without tripping over themselves are probably strolling along in your flip flops in the rain. But wait, what is that sound? It is not a duck, or a squirrel, but your flip-flops, squawking on and on as you walk to class.

People give the weirdest looks for it too. They look at you with their eyes big and head cocked to the side like “those flip-flops are noisy!”

Even as a freshmen, you always knew when someone took a shower because you can hear them through your walls and door, coming down the hallway squeaking along. Sorry that we all are not shower ninjas.

I do not believe that flip-flop season ever actually flops (haha, see what I did there?). I think that if you want to wear your flipflops inside the comfort of your dorm, house, or apartment, or outside in the freezing rain, then go for it.

There is no rule written in stone that everyone must stop wearing their favorite summer staple at this specific point in time.

So I will continue to slide on my flippy-floppies when I do my laundry. You cannot just throw in the towel when it comes to wearing flip-flops. Besides, that would be more laundry for you to do.


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