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Pre-Law Club Helps Students Take Life by the Gavel

Pre Law Helps StudentsThe University’s Pre-Law Club had its first meeting of the year on October 6. The club, based out of the Political Science Department, is designed for students interested in attending law school.

Guiding this group of students is a new faculty member, Professor Gregory Bordelon. Bordelon is a graduate of Louisiana State Law School and has chosen to offer his expertise in the field to those interested in legal studies.

The officers for the academic year are excited to get started and encourage other students to get involved. The officers include President Arielle Giordano, Vice President Jessica Rohr, Treasurer Karina Bandy, Secretary Katelyn Nawoyski, and Parliamentarian Brandon Karkovice.

During the first meeting many topics were discussed briefly, such as preparation for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and steps needed to take to apply to law school. The competitiveness of the discipline was also discussed.

During the meeting, Bordelon played a scene from the blockbuster hit Legally Blonde. Students who participated in the first meeting are very optimistic about the opportunity a club like this can offer.

Sophomore Alexes Correa, a political science major, has law school aspirations. “I believe this club can help me achieve my goals of getting into law school because it is very informative and led by an attorney,” she said.

Throughout the year, the Pre Law Club will be hosting guests from Seton Hall Law School and Rutgers Law School. Another guest will be a representative from one of the LSAT preparatory courses in the local area.

Head of the Political Science Department, Dr. Joseph Patten believes the Pre-Law Club is going to be an excellent asset. He said, “We are really excited to have a thriving and dynamic Pre-Law Club in our department. Students interested in law school from all majors should join the Pre-Law Club in order to gain exposure to the best strategies for getting into law, to gain a deeper understanding of the law school experience, and to learn about the wide array of potential careers in law.”

Traditional law schools are three year programs available to any undergraduate major. For example, if a student is interested in business law, he or she has the option of taking any and all classes associated with business.

However, most law schools make every first-year law student, also known as a 1L, take all of the same general classes.

The first year of law school is normally a drastic change to what students are used to from their undergraduate studies, as they are encouraged to think like an attorney.

According to Professor Bordelon, law school is different from regular college work.

He said, “It is more quantitative work, but more important is to appreciate the analytical nuances and distinction between college and law school work.”

Bordelon also warns of some of the regular challenges of being a 1L, particularly time management.

The Political Science Department is working tirelessly to offer more options for those looking to head to law school in the future, and the Pre-Law Club is just another tool they encourage students to use.

It is also advised that students interested in law school take advantage of both Professor Bordelon and the University’s long time Pre-Law Advisor, Dr. Enoch Nappen. Both professors are a wealth of knowledge, and using that knowledge would be instrumental in preparing yourself for law school.

Students are encouraged to seek out these professors who are ready and willing to offer their expertise.

Professor Bordelon said, “The calling to pursue a legal education is a noble one. It takes commitment, drive and a diligence that I’ve observed in Monmouth students so far in my time here. I look forward to helping as many students as possible realize their dream of going to law school.”

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