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Volume 84 (Fall 2012 - Spring 2013)

Guy Code: Reality or Fiction at the University

guy_codeSo the cat is out of the bag. The MTV hit show, “Guy Code” has revealed every male secret… or have they? The show examines multiple facets of the lifestyle for a mid-20s male college student but how true are these stereotypes in relationship to MU students? Take a second and think. How do you associate college males at the University when it comes to rela­tionships and love, sports, or how they spend their money? These three topics will be looked at and classic stereotypes will be con­firmed or will be removed from “the code.”

Johanna Foster, instructor of sociology, believes that there is too much weight put on certain aspects of a male’s lifestyle. “On top of that underlying taboo in the culture of hegemonic masculin­ity is the overvaluing of wealth, power and prestige as primary signs of appropriate manhood, and the willingness to use, or at least unequivocally support, the use of aggression and violence in order to achieve those culturally prescribed goals,” she said.

1.) Relationships

Relationships are difficult for anyone, but college men are por­trayed as solely partyers and are expected to be having sex with as many people as possible, accord­ing to Dr. Deanna Shoemaker, associate professor of communi­cation. But as Dr. Jack Demar­est, professor of psychology at the University, said it is more about competition when it comes to re­lationships, which may be why college men are shown as to only view women as sexual objects.

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‘Girl Code’ Just An Elaboration On Stereotypes

girl_codeIt has often been said that sugar, spice, and everything nice is the common formula required to cre­ate the perfect girl. Often executed in the form of pigtails, glitter, and all things pink, girls are also ex­pected to follow a special social set of rules, simply labeled “girl code”; the laws which have served as the inspiration behind several online blogs, publications and now a brand new television show on MTV called “Girl Code.”

In a recent article published in the Journal of Personality and So­cial Psychology, Bobbi Carothers and Harry Reis created a test in or­der to see whether men and women should be set in separate interest categories. The results showed that college men and women do, in fact, often have different hobbies. Ac­tivities such as boxing, construc­tion, playing golf, playing video­games and watching pornography were more interesting to guys. In contrast, taking a bath, talking on the phone, scrapbooking, watch­ing talk shows, and cosmetics were more interesting to girls.

It would appear then that the laws, and the several stereotypes that accompany them, have gained a mass following and power status amongst the female populous. So much media attention aids in fur­thering the two sexes, especially in the cases of relationship expec­tations, the notable difference in sports interests, and, of course, where and how their money is spent.

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Healthy Habits to Maintain Over the Summer

healthy_habits_for_the_summerContrary to the common college belief, beach bodies do not just magically appear by going to the gym. A healthy diet is an impor­tant step in order to lose weight which is rather difficult to stick to when there are limited options for many college students. With the academic year almost over, there are only a few weeks left to lose those unwanted pounds for sum­mer.

It all begins with breakfast so put down the bagel. Start off your day with eggs, which are loaded with protein, giving you a jump start to your day. In fact, wrote that egg whites and egg yolks are essen­tial nutrients that allow your body to properly function. While the healthy option is to only eat the whites, egg yolk is filled with vi­tamin E and will keep you feeling full for a while.

If eggs are not your preference, yogurt is always a great alterna­tive, particularly Greek yogurt. Make sure to read the label for Greek yogurts because the nutri­tion varies from brand to brand. If you prefer regular yogurt over Greek, low-fat brands are your best option when trying to reduce your calorie intake. Greek yogurt contains protein and is an excel­lent source of calcium.

In your lunch menu, make sure to incorporate leafy green vegeta­bles for a quick way to flatten your stomach. In reality, it would be beneficial to include leafy greens at every meal. Romaine lettuce, spinach, and kale are low in calo­ries and full of fiber that offer vi­tamins and minerals and also will help reduce bloating.

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Staying Classy While Staying Young

staying_classy_while_staying_youngIn today’s society, women of­ten struggle with the need to look professional and the desire to stay young and trendy. The me­dia presents celebrities in a light where they are often risqué and inappropriately dressed. Young girls are following suit, and this is not setting a good example on how to look sophisticated and youthful.

With college women seeking jobs and looking forward to ca­reers, it is important that they look and feel the part. This means dressing conservatively, but still having a sense of style. Whoev­er said business attire is boring must have been narrow-minded because there are many ways you can make any outfit stand out.

Associate professor of com­munication Dr. Sherry Wien suggested that women, “invest in high quality classic clothes that last instead of cheap trendy clothes that look dated and worn out after a year.” She also noted that every company’s dress code is different and that it is essen­tial to find out how the company would like you to present your­self.

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Perks of Joining Student Organizations: Traveling

student_organizations-travelingFrom the moment a stu­dent walks onto the campus of Monmouth University, he or she is bombarded with flyers, emails, and verbal advice that stress the importance of getting involved in student clubs and organizations. The overwhelming insistence can be a turn off for some students who simply want to go to class and be done with their day.

If there is one thing we have learned during the past four years, it is that the need to be in­volved not only on campus but within your major is too crucial to put in words. We can easily tell you that joining a club or or­ganization will give you more experience and knowledge into what you are already studying. However, there is a more exciting aspect of being a part of a group: you can travel the country.

As executive board members of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), we are grateful for the many op­portunities that we have had to travel to national conferences out of state. We have traveled to Orlando, Florida, San Francisco, California, and Albuquerque, New Mexico for PRSSA National events.

“Our chapter of PRSSA has given the University a more prominent presence on the na­tional level during the past few years, and that is something that improves our credibility and membership,” said Sheila McAl­lister, faculty advisor of PRSSA.

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Tattoos Acceptable in the Workplace Once Again

tattoos_in_workplaceIn today’s society, tattoos have become more popular and socially accepted. More recently, tattoos have emerged in the media through celebrities and even reality televi­sion shows. Tattoos have even be­come more acceptable in the work­place.

The art of tattooing has always been tied to both cultural and oc­cupational values but not until re­cently, they were unacceptable in the modern workplace.

Origins of tattoos in the work­place date back to countries such as China and the Philippine Islands.

In China, convicts were inked so anyone passing by the bandit could easily spot them and immea­ditely realize they were a criminal. The Philippine Islands had a more positive connotation with tattoos as they were inked in order to show political rankings in their tribes.

Even non-permanent tattoos have lasted throughout time. Henna and Mehndi tattoos, a dye derived from a plant used for temporary tattooing, were created in Ancient India and Egypt. Hennas continue to be popular amongst New Jersey boardwalks.

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Hats Back on Top

The running joke between gen­ders is that women obsess over their shoes. Whether it be Con­verse or Steve Madden, women need any shoe they can get their hands on. In recent years, men have also gained a clothing ob­session. Most men no longer mock a woman’s obsession over shoes because they are just as obsessed, if not more with hats. Whether it be fedoras, baseball caps, or beanies, men create an admiration for their dawnings on their heads.

“Guys can obsess over hats just as much as girls obsess over shoes,” sophomore communica­tion major Jordan Bloom said. “I know guys who obsess over shoes more than girls; it’s differ­ent for everyone. Personally, I’m obsessed with hats more than most girls are with shoes and I’m fine with that.”

Although the fashion of the hat has only begun to rise again, hats on men have been seen throughout history. For instance, recall the famous pictures of for­mer President Abraham Lincoln. What was he always wearing? A hat. For a more modern example, look towards fiction legend Indi­ana Jones. What was he always wearing? A hat. In neither of these examples was a hat nec­essary to wear, but instead they were put to use for ornamental reasons.

While these two cases are outdated, men still can be seen sporting hats for fashion pur­poses. Business professor Da­vid Paul believes the sole reason hats have come back in style is in fact only because the style has changed to fit the generation.

“It’s a style thing. Hats will go in and out of style. You’ll see hats come in and then you will see hats go. It’s a fashion prod­uct. Why is it stylish? I haven’t got a clue,” Paul said.

A recent style change seen in the latest hat productions is the introduction of the snap back. According to Bloom, this is one reason hats have grown in popu­larity amongst college men.

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Hair Trends on the Rise this Spring

bohemian-braidEach season tends to bring new trends and hair style is no excep­tion. With spring and summer weather coming along, you are probably thinking about changing your style to match the freshness and warmth of the upcoming sea­sons. If you want something new but do not know where to begin, there are many styles for you to consider.

The most popular trend of the season should not come as much of a surprise. Super-straight hair will continue to be popular for the upcoming months, so do not pack away your straightening irons with your winter wardrobe. For something different, try parting your hair in the middle for a more modern look.

Junior communication major Ashley Bonino said she supports the middle part for a twist on the straight locks.

“I think straight hair will always be in style because it’s classic and pretty,” Bonino said. “I especially like the middle part because it cre­ates a whole new look, different from the side bangs style that was once really popular.”

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Ixnay on the Ombré

Drew-Barrymore-ombre-hairLately, it seems everywhere one turns, ombré hair can be seen. The sensation of dyeing only part of one’s hair has been rapidly taking over the salon world.

For those that are a little behind on this latest trend, ombré is a French term meaning “shaded” or “shading.” Ombré hair color is dark rooted hair that gradually gets lighter through the strands of hair all the way to the tips. Depending on hair color and preference, the ombré effect can either be very drastic or subtle.

Celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Biel and Drew Barrymore have all fabulously rocked this new hair color. Others such as Christina Aguilera have gone with colored ombré styles rather than the usual brunette or blonde choices.

Many have mixed feelings about the trend. Freshman graphic design major, Talia Carney, gives her opinion on ombré hair. “I really like the ombré trend, but I’m not sure if I would get it.”

I have to admit, I fell victim to the ombré craze as well. I tried the trend myself and within a few weeks, I was back to my naturally dark hair.

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Spring Fever: Fact or Fiction?

It’s finally spring. Well, that’s what the calendar tells us as March 20 marked the first official day of the spring season. Back in February, the groundhog told the nation that an early spring would wipe out winter this year. However, there still has been some recent snow and cold temperatures in the air.

We have been hearing the term “spring fever” since the 1600s, but what does it actually mean today? Is it just a term used to associate good weather and a good mood, or do we actually experience some type of psychological change?

Famous writer, Mark Twain, describes spring fever as the craving for something, people just do not know what that something is.

“It’s spring fever. When you’ve got it, you want - oh you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes you heart ache you want it so!” Twain wrote.

American colonists actually created the term ‘spring fever’ and knew exactaly what they wanted. When the colonists would go long winters without fresh fruits and vegetables, they felt fatigue or weakness all winter and come spring, they nourished themselves with fresh fruits and vegetables. Besides fever describing a rise in body temperature, says “a state of nervous excitement or agitation.” Thus, the spring would create a nervous excitement for crops to grow.

According to the LA Times, some scientists do think spring fever is more than just a phrase we use to associate good mood and good weather. They think it is a cluster of symptoms brought about by hormonal changes in the body.

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Traditional Easter Recipes

easter-ham-456Easter is coming up soon and although you may no longer be­lieve in Peter Cottontail, baskets are still a fun way to celebrate the holiday. But, if you are tired of the traditional milk chocolate eggs and marshmallow Peeps, you may want to think about way to rein­vent the Easter basket. Here are a few tips on how to revamp this holiday tradition.

Fill your basket with candy-less snacks such as popcorn, chips and cookies. You can make quick and easy sugar cookies and even shape them into bunnies and Eas­ter eggs. They will be fun to dec­orate and eat.

Chocolate-dipped pretzels are a twist to a sweet treat and can solve your salty and sweet crav­ings. Stick them into a Styro­foam block and create a bouquet that can be placed into a deco­rated f lower pot or plastic cup.

You can also make your own candy with three ingredients: Oreos, cream cheese, and melt­ed chocolate. Crush a package of Oreos, mix it together with a package of cream cheese and roll them into balls. Then, dip them in chocolate and add sprinkles and you have your own choco­late truffles that are ready to eat. Stick them inside plaster Easter eggs and scatter them throughout. You can finish off this food-filled basket with K-cups for a Keurig or a gift card to a favorite coffee shop.

Sophomore communication major Danielle Trentin enjoys the thought of putting a twist on tradition. “I love coffee, make­up, and clothes. I would love to receive any of them in my bas­ket,” she said.

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Basket Alternatives

Easter is coming up soon and although you may no longer be­lieve in Peter Cottontail, baskets are still a fun way to celebrate the holiday. But, if you are tired of the traditional milk chocolate eggs and marshmallow Peeps, you may want to think about way to rein­vent the Easter basket. Here are a few tips on how to revamp this holiday tradition.

Fill your basket with candy-less snacks such as popcorn, chips and cookies. You can make quick and easy sugar cookies and even shape them into bunnies and Eas­ter eggs. They will be fun to dec­orate and eat.

Chocolate-dipped pretzels are a twist to a sweet treat and can solve your salty and sweet crav­ings. Stick them into a Styro­foam block and create a bouquet that can be placed into a deco­rated f lower pot or plastic cup.

You can also make your own candy with three ingredients: Oreos, cream cheese, and melt­ed chocolate. Crush a package of Oreos, mix it together with a package of cream cheese and roll them into balls. Then, dip them in chocolate and add sprinkles and you have your own choco­late truffles that are ready to eat. Stick them inside plaster Easter eggs and scatter them throughout. You can finish off this food-filled basket with K-cups for a Keurig or a gift card to a favorite coffee shop.

Sophomore communication major Danielle Trentin enjoys the thought of putting a twist on tradition. “I love coffee, make­up, and clothes. I would love to receive any of them in my bas­ket,” she said.

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Spring Picnics Come With A Meaty Price

It’s the spring season, which means it is almost time to start slap­ping some all-beef patties on an open flame, melting some cheddar cheese on top, and smothering it in ketchup. Now imagine grilling that burger in 105-degree weather with 90 percent humidity. What if you couldn’t have one without the other? What does eat­ing a hamburger have to do with the weather?

It may not be the actual burger it­self, but the production of the cattle that has to do with the effect on the environment. Health studies profes­sor Christopher Hirschler said, “The United Nations came out with a report in 2006 that stated that animal agri­culture attributes more greenhouse gases than does transportation. That’s largely because of cows and the meth­ane that they produce.” Hirschler continued. “The vast majority of sci­entists, 95-98 percent, feel that it (the earth) is warming and it is man-made, at least in part. It is a result of all the fossil fuels and all the gas we’re pro­ducing.”

According to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), one-third of the fossil fuels in the United States are put toward raising animals for food.

According to Hirschler, cattle in the United States are fed corn that he said is not naturally what cows eat. He said, “It takes oil and gasoline to get ready to grow corn. You need water to grow the corn. So you spend all this energy and water to produce the corn and then you give it to the cow. So that in and of itself is not environmentally sound.”

According to Heidi Estes, Eng­lish professor and environmental enthusiast, the consumption of meat raises carbon dioxide emis­sions in the atmosphere. She said, “By the amount of gas that the cow emits, it is a significant contributor to climate prob­lems.”

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Get ‘Em While They’re Hot: Irish Recipes

soupIn America’s view, St. Patrick’s Day is typically filled with drink­ing and dressing in green accom­panied by a party or attending a parade. Though the focus of the holiday differs from Ireland, there are still traditional Irish foods you can incorporate into your celebra­tion. Whether you are looking to cook an Irish meal on the holiday for your family or offer your pals some Irish treats, there are plenty of ways to celebrate by eating.

If you want to hold a tradition­al dinner, there are a number of foods available. For starters, you can make Irish potato and leek soup, two vegetables often eaten in the Emerald Isle. This soup requires two leeks, one pound of potatoes, half a teaspoon of white pepper, an ounce of butter, two thyme sprigs, half a cup of heavy whipped cream, half an onion, and vegetable broth.

Begin by dicing the potatoes, chopping the onions, and chopping the leeks much like you would cel­ery. Use butter instead of spray in a pot and turn on the stove. Then combine the potatoes, onions, and leeks into the pot. Let this cook for around 15 minutes while stirring every three minutes.

Once the 15 minutes is finished, add the broth to the pot along with the white pepper and thyme. Let the pot sit while stirring occasion­ally until the soup begins to sim­mer. At this point, let the soup cook for another ten minutes, then puree the soup using a blender. Fi­nally, mix in the whipped cream and your soup will be complete.

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Local St. Patrick’s Day Parades and Pub Crawls

St-Patrick-Parade-New-YorkSaint Patrick’s Day is a unique day when people nationwide all of the sudden finds their Irish roots. Unlike the traditional holidays, there may not be much gift giv­ing but instead there is still a need to celebrate. Every year, March 17 marks the day when America gets painted green. Practically every­where one turns, they can spot Irish flags, green attire, lepre­chaun accessories and numerous “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirts run­ning around the town.

Junior communication major, Mike Migliaro, reveals that he will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by “being Irish for the day with my fraternity brothers.” In his opinion, college students “can still celebrate the holiday while on a budget by staying close to home.”

If you are planning to go out on the town to honor the day, it is almost certain you are bound to find an event celebrating this March holiday. Both local and major cities plan events beginning in the early weeks of March to the end of the month to honor and cel­ebrate this day.

Depending on who you are, you may view St. Patrick’s Day fall­ing right in the beginning of our spring break lucky. This coinci­dence makes a great opportunity to explore different St. Patrick Day events happening in the tri-state area.

One of the most famed St. Pat­rick’s Day Parade happens an hour north in New York City. The city will be entering its 251st year of hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Parade making it the oldest city in the na­tion to do so. Saturday, March 16 marks the date NYC will be host­ing its annual St. Patrick’s Day parade.

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The Secret Behind Weight Loss Explained

With work piling up and mid­terms nearing, it may seem like summer is still far away, but time flies and before you know it, May will be here. If you want to get in shape before you hit the beach, but feel like you do not have the time, there are some things that can help you achieve the body you are looking for.

Exercise is always a factor to keep in mind, not only for physi­cal appearance, but for your health. Maintaining an active lifestyle is essential for staying fit and energetic. Although that may not seem like a problem, students must worry about it now, everyone will experience aging eventually.

With that said, everyone is different, so the right exercise regimen has to be tailored to the individual. Whether you enjoy heavy lifting and building mus­cle, or extreme cardio and yoga, there is a workout out there for you.

Cardio is a must if you want to get your weight down, and also keep your heart healthy and re­duces stress.

Many exercises like running, power walking, biking, using an elliptical, jumping rope, and so on can be used to burn calories and increase heart rate. Home fit­ness videos such as P90x, Insan­ity, and MU’s own COREiculium are perfect if you would rather workout at home than go to the gym. These videos allow you to work on your abs, strength train­ing, and more in the comfort of your home or dorm room.

Chair of Health and Physical Education, Dr. James Konopack, adds that in order to lose weight and be happy about it, you must find a workout that is fun for you.

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Spring Break Travel Guide: Exploring Florida

snorkelingIf you are looking to plan a last minute Spring Break trip, with no passport or out of the country requirements, your de­sired destination may very well be Florida. The state is a short two hour flight and less than 20 hours driving distance if you want to take a road trip. Besides the moderately easy travel, the southern climate generates sun­shine year round making for a pleasant stay.

One of Florida’s most attrac­tive tourism spot is Fort Lau­derdale. Located in Southern Florida on the Atlantic Ocean, Ft. Lauderdale has 23 miles of clean beaches. The city holds many attractions such as visiting Everglades National Park and a vast night life from night clubs, to comedy clubs to western sa­loons.

For most spring breakers looking to party, Florida’s city of Miami is where college stu­dents nationwide swarm for their Spring Breaks. A half hour drive south of Ft. Lauderdale, the city famous for its gorgeous beaches and luxurious lifestyle.

Although Miami might be known for its upscale atmo­sphere, it does offer reasonable hotel prices with rooms starting as low as $105 per night accord­ing to

The infamous South Beach is a popular location, serving as the place to be during the day for the beach and at night for clubs like Liv and Set Miami. Downtown Miami also offers an assortment of clubs like Club Space, where the cast of Jersey Shore often ap­peared during filming.

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Affordable Bathing Suit Stores with the Latest Trends

bikiniSpring break is only two weeks away, and summer is just around the corner. If you want to show off the beach body you have worked so hard for, you might want to start shopping for the season’s hottest swimwear.

This year, the main feature of many bikinis is fringe and flow. While looking amongst shops, you will without a doubt come across fringed bandeaus in bright colors as well as bikini tops with fabric over­lays. Bold hues and block patterns are also in fashion, and these can really make your sun-kissed skin pop.

The retro swimsuits are making a quick comeback as they can be found in almost any bathing suit store. These vintage reflections are equipped with ribbons, bows, and high-waisted bikini bottoms. One-piece suits with strapless styles and peek-a-boo sides are also hot in this upcoming season.

Kyle Evans, a junior majoring in PR/Journalism said, “I usually prefer bikinis, but I have seen some pretty stylish one-pieces. I think girls should step out of the box and try something they’ve never worn before.”

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Does Organic Really Make a Difference?

On the left, bright orange Napa carrots are bundled together by their leafy green stems. Grown organi­cally, picked right from a farm in Howell, New Jersey and brought to the local grocery store to be sold.

On the right, carrots are trimmed and cleaned before they reach the buyer. These carrots were sprayed with sulfur dioxide to keep bugs away. They are neatly packaged in a plastic bag and ready to be con­sumed.

Megan Gray, an Ocean Grove resident and health enthusiast, is un­sure of which carrots to buy.

According to the USDA Consum­er Brochure, “Organic food is pro­duced without using most conven­tional pesticides; fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation.”

There is conflicting evidence as to whether or not buying organic food makes a difference when it comes to health. Researchers have conducted studies claiming that conventional foods are detrimental to health and vise versa.

Chemistry professor Merrily Er­vin believes Gray should go with the carrots on the right. She said, “From the studies I have seen, there might be slightly less pesticide residue on organic than there is on regular (produce). But both of them are well below the established limits set by the FDA, so as far as I know, with respect to safety, there is no differ­ence with organic and conventional foods.”

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Spring Break Travel Guide

Viva Mexico: A Tale Of Three Cities

mexicotodayWhen college kids think of Spring Break, some think of adventures during the day and dancing at night.

According to U.S. News Travel’s Best Spring Break Destinations, Mexico holds every aspect college students desire. Home of four out of the 11 Best Spring Break Destina­tions, Mexico is only a short flight away, has many all-inclusive hotels for decent prices and attracts many college kids. If you are looking to find both an affordable and relaxing vacation, the country will definitely please you.

One of the most common spring break destinations for college stu­dents nationwide is Cancún. Gain­ing much of its popularity from an MTV special, Cancún is well known for its partying and wild actions. With clubs that stay open until 6:00 in the morning such as CoCo Bongo and famous bars like Señor Frogs, this destination pro­vides many opportunities for a great night. Though Cancún gets a repu­tation for the ultimate party destina­tion, it has much more to offer.

Sophomore political science ma­jor Dominick Mascitelli shared his experience. “I went to Cancún a few years back. It was beautiful there, I want to go back.”

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Trend Alert: Hair Chalking

Let’s face it ladies, it’s that time of the year when you are starting to get sick of your look and begin searching for a change. But the question is, what are you going to do?

The hair trend that is starting to take rise is called “Hair chalk­ing.” It is an easy way to tempo­rarily change your look. “Chalk­ing” is as simple as it sounds: you color your hair by using craft store chalk.

Dyeing your hair permanently can damage your hair. Kristine Simoes, specialist professor, shared her nightmare experience with dyeing her hair.

“Once in college, my room­mate and I tried to be blondes and bought hair color in Jamesway (a long closed discount chain). She was much closer to the color than I was and she became light, yel­low brown. My then (undyed) black hair became orange and broke off on the ends. I had to cut it to a very short bob.”

According to Kristin Perrotta, Allure’s executive editor, rain­bow streaked hair was first seen on runways about two or three years ago, featured by designers such as Prabal Gurung, Prada and Jean Paul Gaultier.

However, Perrotta gives credit to reality star and fashionista Lauren Conrad for the trend. She tweeted a picture with hot pink tips at the bottom of her hair and everyone was buzzing about how she did it. Conrad’s stylist, Kris­tin Ess, told InStyle the secret to Conrad’s hair chalk. Once the word was out, Conrad and Ess posted a full how-to video on their website thebeautydepart­

There are a lot more how-to videos than just the one on the website, but I am going to give you step by step directions on how to do it yourself at home.

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Spring Break Travel Guide: An Overview of Spain

BRIDGEWant to see a bullfight, watch beautiful flamenco dancers, travel to historic cathedrals, or experience another language? A trip to Spain may be in your future. Located in Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, the country is filled with different experiences.

According to the National Statistics Institute of Spain, the country is called home by about 47 million people. With culture, the Mediterranean Sea, the North Atlantic Ocean, moun­tain sides and cities galore, it almost seems unreasonable to not choose Spain as your spring break destination.

Toward the center of Spain and north of Seville lies the capital and largest city of the country: Madrid. Widely known for its soccer team, Madrid is popu­lated by 3.3 million people. Dr. Elsa Lake, Spanish professor at the University, was once a native to Madrid.

“My brother and I lived in Ma­drid for almost two years,” Lake explained. “When I go to Spain, I always go to Barajas Airport, the international airport in Madrid.” Hotels are scattered across the big city with different options available for your price range. For the daytime, activities can range anywhere from touring the national art museum Museo Del Prado, or viewing beautiful architectural pieces such as the Almudena Cathedral tour.

One of Madrid’s most popu­lar sites is the Palacio de Cristal (Crystal Palace) located in Re­tiro Park. The Palacio de Cristal is a large glass building origi­nally built in 1887 as a green­house. If you visit on a sunny day, the glass building also acts as a prism, creating rainbows all around the structure.

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Gifts Ideas Galore For Those In Need of a Quick Fix

chocolatecupcakesIt’s that time of year again sweethearts- the day filled with red hearts, roses and endless box­es of chocolate. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow which means another gift giving holiday for that spe­cial someone. If you are stuck on a gift idea for your significant other, here are some unique ideas that will hopefully make life a little easier.

It is often said that the typical boxes of chocolates and bouquets of roses have become a cliché and although some girls oppose the “thoughtless” gift, others love the tradition from their man. Boys take note.

Freshman business major, Brit­tany Lamb, revealed that she still gets smitten when given these classic gifts. “I absolutely love getting chocolates and flowers. In my book it’s not considered a cli­ché at all,” Lamb praised. “It’s an expected gift this time of year.”

According to gathered online statistics, Americans consumed 24.5 pounds of candy per capita in 2008. However, for the portion of girls that find chocolates and roses to be a bore, here are some differ­ent ideas.

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Nearby Restaurants To Impress Your Valentine

lifestylesAlthough cliché, dinner for two is one of the most valuable Val­entine’s Day traditions instilled in our culture. With the holiday coming up right around the corner, these romantic restaurants in our college town area will make for a memorable meal this season.

Long Branch is a great place to start. While it is obviously the most convenient town in regards to travel for MU students, some of the best places are located in your backyard. Long Branch offers a number of different dining styles. If you and your date are looking for a romantic location with a great view, McCloone’s Pier House lo­cated in Pier Village would be a great start.

Student Government Associa­tion President, Oscar Sanchez Jr., adores the hot spot Pier House. “McCloone’s is a great date spot. Besides the amazing seafood they offer, you can enjoy the beautiful ocean view. That, combined with the dim lighting, can really create a romantic evening for a couple.”

Although a little pricey for col­lege students on a budget, junior Kristen Harz says, “The food is worth the price. It is very deli­cious.”

An advantage of McCloone’s is it’s proximity to the beach. After dinner, you and your significant other can talk a nice walk on the beach.

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Break Tradition With These Valentine’s Day Gifts

52-cardsValentine’s Day has always been about the tradition of a man spoiling a woman with affection and gifts. But even though the holiday does involve tradition, this does not essentially mean you need to give a typical gift. Now that this thought has been invoked in your mind, are you going to look for a great original gift this Valentine’s Day? Toss the same old chocolates and flowers idea out the window because there’s still time to create a personal gift for your special someone.

Most importantly, base your gift off of what interests your partner the most. If they love to eat, get to their heart through their stomach. If their niche involves arts and crafts, combine creativity with romance in order to make the perfect gift. If you are looking to break the trend of the conventional dinner and flowers and want something new and exciting, this article is for you.

Say your special someone loves sweets. A great present would be personalizing the treats you plan to give with a special touch. For instance, avoid the typical cupcake with pink frosting and instead make heart shaped cupcakes and write on each cupcake one of your partner’s favorite things. That way it is a treat they love, involves hobbies they love, and it all is coming from someone they love.

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What You Should Knot Do To Your Hair

Hair is an important aspect of appearance for pretty much everyone. It is an essential ac­cessory, and it can take a lot of work to maintain. Many people often find themselves wishing their hair was more manageable, longer and smoother, or even a different color. Most of the time, frustration is the only thing that comes out of the struggle for style. In order to achieve the hair you wish for, it is important to know more about the topic. Through my current internship with a hair coloring company, I have learned a lot of information regarding hair. Some facts that you may not have known about hair are:

1) Hair is dead once it leaves the root. 2) The average head has 100,000 strands of hair. 3) Blondes not only have more fun, but more hair with an average of 120,000 strands. While brown comes in second place at 100,000 and red in last at 80,000. 4) You can lose up to 100 strands of hair per day. 5) Hair grows .3-.5 mil­limeters per day, which translates to 12-15 centimeters a year. 6) Hair is the second fastest grow­ing tissue in the body, second to bone marrow. 7) Vitamins C and D and protein can aid in hair health. 8) Pigment is what gives hair its color. With age, hair has less pigment, which results in un­wanted grays. 9) Factors such as drugs, medicines, and even iron deficiency can result in hair loss. 10) Baldness comes from genes and is experienced by fifty per­cent of men and forty percent of menopausal women. 11) Hair has two main ingredients—keratin and water. 12) Eumelanine and phaeomelanine are proteins that determine hair color. Dark hair has more eumelanine while light­er hair has more phaeomelanine.

Now that you are more famil­iar with the facts, you need to know what you can do to achieve the look you are going for. The most important thing to do when wanting better hair is to take care of it. Protein and vitamins are essential for hair health and growth, so eat healthy. Iron and zinc deficiency can lead to hair loss, so make sure you have ad­equate amounts of both. Taking a supplement that has Vitamin B, like Biotin, will help hair growth. You are what you eat, and if you want healthy hair, you should maintain a healthy diet.

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The Coffee Battle: The Ongoing Dunkin’ vs Starbucks Feud

starbucksThough some may disagree, coffee is a beloved drink that helps people everywhere wake up in the morning. Coffee shops have been popping up across the nation as they are a great place to lounge, gossip, and even get work done.

While there are many locally owned coffee shops, such as The Ink Well located on Second Ave in Long Branch, there are also many chains across America. The two most loved coffee sellers across the nation are Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. The on-going battle between these two chains may live on forever as many have their choice of preference.

When freshman Jessica Caffey was asked which coffee chain she preferred she replied, “I am definitely a Dunkin’ girl. My favorite is their Mint Hot Chocolate. It’s so rich and it is guaranteed to stay hot on my commute to school.”

Dating back to when Dunkin’ Donuts originated in 1950 in Quincy, Massachusetts, its name gained its popularity primarily as a donut shop. Dunkin’ soon realized coffee could bring profit, but they began with just a basic cup of joe compared to the drink variety the chain has now.

The second you enter a Dunkin’ Donuts, you are faced with choices ranging from flavored coffees to lattes to hot chocolate. Another perk of going to a Dunkin’ Donuts is having the option of getting ice cream by Baskin Robins. It was in 1990 that Dunkin’ bought Baskin Robbins and three years later the two shops merged.

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A New Year, A New You

gymA New Year, a New You’ is what we tell ourselves every January 1. Some women make their New Year’s resolution to lose weight while some men make their New Year’s resolution to gain muscle.

The fact of the matter is: neither are quite as simple as they sound. In our current society, we can get what we want at the click of a button. The one exception of this fast paced lifestyle would be losing weight and gaining muscle.

Instead of becoming discouraged that neither is happening to your body after the first two weeks of the New Year, just remind yourself that your body has to become used to the constant exercise.

Women: if you do gain weight in the first two weeks of exercising, this is not unhealthy. In fact, this weight is due to your muscles becoming stronger. Men: it is rather obvious that you will not be able to bench press your weight in a mere two weeks of  exercise. Just keep in mind that your muscle mass is increasing even though you cannot yet see results.

Mindset is a major cause of a good or bad workout. If you are on a machine and keep thinking to yourself, “only five more minutes of this,” you will not have as good of a workout as someone who is not focusing on the time.

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Holiday Bites Sure to Entice

BROWNIEYet again, it is the glorious holiday season. What is it that makes this time of the year so wonderful, one may ask? For starters, the holiday season is typically comprised of family gatherings, winter festivities, frosty air, holiday cheer, and gift-giving. Perhaps the most delightful of all, however, is the delicious desserts that one may consume throughout the duration of the season.

Let’s take a moment to be honest with ourselves: eating desserts is inevitable during the holidays. Quite frankly, this time of the year is an excuse to devour these mouth-watering goodies that we may otherwise feel guilty even contemplating consumption. Now that you have been reassured that ingesting great quantities of holiday treats is acceptable, let’s take a look at some creative and delicious holiday treats that you bake to impress your family and friends with the originality as well as taste.

Instead of cooking regular vanilla or chocolate cupcakes, you can spice up the appearance by turning them into Reindeer Cupcakes. A batch of 24 of these cupcakes can finished within two hours by following a simple Betty Crocker recipe.

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Oh, There’s No Place Like Philadelphia for the H lidays

lifeWhile many North Jersey residents refer to “the city” as New York City, South Jersey residents prefer the smaller city of Philadelphia. While South Jersey locals are aware of the plethora of activities Philadelphia has to offer, many tend to overlook the Pennsylvania city in favor of the promoted New York City. With a wide range of activities from ice skating to plays to just enjoying the holiday décor, Philadelphia has everything to get in the holiday mood.

Without a doubt, one of Philadelphia’s most treasured holiday traditions would be none other than the annual New Year’s Day Mummer’s parade. These Mummers parade through the city commonly doing what is known as ‘the mummer’s strut’ in elaborate costume like outfits.

In fact, the term ‘mummer’ is German for ‘to masquerade.’ On January 1 at 10 am every year, they can be seen strutting on the streets of Philadelphia for eight consecutive hours eventually ending their parade at City Hall. English Professor Susan Stever has fond memories of growing up in Philadelphia and watching the Mummers strut.

“Local clubs spent all year working on costumes for the Mummers parade. This camaraderie, fair play, and kindness and the reciprocal neighborhood support really symbolized the city of brotherly love,” Stever recalled. “Jan 1st was often extremely cold in the 50’s and 60’s-but I have vivid memories of Mummers in full costume warming up in my school yard before the parade. I loved walking by to see the brightly colored feathers and hear the banjo music.”

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New York City Entices Many with Holiday Traditions

lifestyleIt’s the most wonderful time of the year—to take a trip into New York City. The holiday season is in full swing and the daily drone of school may not be getting you into the spirit. If you are looking for a place where you can forget your ordinary routine and enjoy the cheerfulness of the season, NYC is the place to be. The Big Apple offers many different options to help you feel merry and bright.

The most obvious place to start is in Rockefeller Center, home of the annual Christmas tree that is placed there every year. This year’s tree lighting took place on November 28th, and the tree can now be seen in its sparkling glory through the holiday season. The cherished yearly tradition has even more significance this year after Hurricane Sandy in which the tree, originated from Mt. Olive, New Jsersey, survived the mass destruction NJ endured.

After you visit the familiar attraction, you can make your way right to the Rockefeller Center ice rink, another landmark popular during this time of year. The rink offers a daily skating schedule, lessons, and even an opportunity for private reservations at its nearby restaurant. This is a fun option as it combines recreation with the spirit of the season all in one place.

If you love a good show, the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is something to see. Highlighting the world-famous Radio City Rockettes, this performance takes the audience on a journey through New York City during Christmastime. You can watch Santa fly around in his sleigh through 3D technology, and watch a live nativity scene complete with real animals.

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Capture the Holiday Spirit with These Decoration Tips

It is a struggle to find the holiday spirit when being confined to cinder blocks, apart from your family, and without the smell of cinnamon candles or pine tree.

Professor Kathryn Nogueira, who attended MU and lived on campus for one year also had difficulty recapturing the Christmas spirit on campus in her time spent as a student.

“For me, I think it might have been difficult to get into the holiday spirit while living on campus because during those last few weeks of December, when you are still in your dorm, most students are focusing all of their attention on finals and not necessarily any upcoming holidays they might celebrate.” Nogueira recalled. “I think a lot of people also associate the holidays and their holiday spirit with the traditions they had at home or with their families growing up.”

It seems as if the only way to find the holiday spirit when in college is to add ambush your dorm with holiday decorations. Whether it be Christmas or Hanukah, there are plenty of ways to deck your dorm with holiday decorations.

If your holiday is Christmas, it is always a pleasure to find the perfect Christmas tree with your family and put it up in your house. As many of you probably do not have enough time to head home and follow through with the tradition. Fortunately, you can still make do with an artificial tree and spruce up your dorm for a low price.

An artificial tree can be purchased at the K-Mart on Route 36. A tree is just the first step to make your dorm reflect like the holiday season. The next step would be to decorate it with ornaments, lights, and a star. You and your roommates could even have a Christmas decorating party with your MU friends in order to spread the holiday spirit.

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Recreate Your Space Over Break with Simple Projects

One’s room is merely a reflection of their personality. Within four walls, you can easily learn what a person’s favorite color is, their fondest memories, musical interests, or heroes. These decorations represent the individual and express their lifestyle in a number of ways. If you are looking to transform your room into a personal safe haven, the following do-it-yourself projects can do the job at an affordable price!

A way to make your space clean and organized without taking away character is to draw attention to the small things. Replace calendars with a personalized chalkboard for under $20. For this task, all you need is a sponge brush, garage tape, chalkboard paint, and a piece of wood. Coat the board once with the chalkboard paint and let it dry for one hour. Then, add a second coat and let it dry for the next 24 hours. After the total 25 hour wait, you can now use it to record important dates and appointments, write your favorite quotes, or use as a place to draw.

Much like chalkboards, magnetic boards are also great for organization. A magnetic board can easily be made by lining a cookie sheet, or a pan, with contact paper. Magnet boards are useful for expendable memos, doto lists, and more.

It can be well assumed that everyone has heard the old age adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” By personalizing your space with pictures, you can consistently be surrounded by everything and everyone you care about.

Junior Lauren Cane said, “I have pictures of my friends and family in my room because I like to look back on the things I did and places I went and memories I made. It is fun to see the smiles we all have on our faces and remember those times.”

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Guide to a Woman’s Holiday Wishes

north-face‘It is always better to give than receive’ is a common saying around this time of year, but what if you do not know what to give? This case is especially common when men are looking for gifts to give women. Picking out a gift for a special woman, or even your sister, is really not as difficult as you may think.

A gift which is always sure to please any women is jewelry. Sophomore Lisa Lazzaro concurs by saying, “I really want new diamond earrings! I lost my old pair and don’t wear earrings anymore.”

Although diamond jewelry is rather expensive, you can even find something cheaper. On Kay Jewelers site, they have elaborate and simple necklaces for as low as $50. If you do not wish to spend this much money, then see if the lady you are buying for has a Pandora bracelet. A charm from Pandora can usually be purchased around $25-$35.

If the woman you are buying for is more into art, be thankful, because the possibilities are endless. Senior Amanda Romano loves to connect with her creative side and wishes to further her art skills this holiday season. “I actually want more art stuff because I love to paint and draw,” Romano says.

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Headphones on Top

When fully ripe as it is now, this holiday spending season can inhibit the practice of proper judgment in gift selection. A white elephant purchase is most frequently made in the haze of checkout lines and bad traffic, especially in the case of women shopping for their men. This is because guys may seem easy to shop for, but we are surprisingly particular. A cordless drill, snow blower, or any task-oriented gift is always appreciated, though a better gift may be found through carefully looking into a recent resurgence in certain entertainment devices.

Dr. John A. Kosinski, an adjunct in the department of chemistry, medical technology and physcics, is so intellectual that his possible holiday wishes saturated my mind with visions of some enigmatic resonating circuit machine. Kosinski surprised me with his simple request.

Kosinski wants to be able to enjoy music through top-of-theline media devices. “I want a top quality set of speakers for my home office,” he said. Kosinski’s ideal gift is not unusual, considering in the market demand over the past few years.

The demand amongst the public for a better sound experience is great in many ways, but in some cases, quality has been impaired by the stupidity of the average consumer.

For example, the appearance of BigR Audio Bruce Lee signature headphones on the Men’s Health 2012 Holiday Gift Guide is comedic in its ridiculousness. Maybe these can have great sound, but their popularity, when there is little chance of high-fidelity audio being so much as slightly related to a long deceased Kung-Fu actor isn’t flattering to consumer intelligence.

Their current popularity makes some of them questionable, but great headphones or speakers can be found in many price ranges and tonality preferences.

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Smiles Will be Present With These Presents for Parents

It is safe to say our parents have been monumental figures throughout our lives. They have raised us from birth, kissed our boo-boos, and sent us off to college. Although nearly impossible to pay them back for all the rides to the mall, homemade dinners, and unrelenting cheers at sports games, the least we can do is buy them great gifts this holiday season.

The question on most minds is, ‘where to start?’. The first thing you need to do is identify your parents’ interests. Once this is accomplished, the gift options not only get easier to choose from, but will also suit them much better. For example, a great gift for book lovers would be the Barnes and Noble Nook or Amazon Kindle.

The e-readers are priced as low as $79. These e-readers are great for on-the-run parents since they are easily portable.

For parents that love MU as much as you do, stop by the on campus bookstore. Gift options range from all types of University apparel such as sweatshirts, hats, mugs, car decals, and more. Some are even branded with “Proud Mom” or “Proud Dad.” Make your parents proud to say that their kids go to MU

Next, set a budget. Sophomore Nicole Gregory goes above and beyond for her parents saying, “There is usually no limit if it’s something that my parents want.” Last Christmas she bought her parents tickets to a Broadway play in the city, a great gift for those who enjoy a night out.

For Gregory, it is important to buy parents nice, sentimental gifts because her parents have “helped a lot through-out the years.” She continued by saying, “On Christmas, it’s nice to give and not only get.”

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Pop-Country Music Blend Spreads Across Airwaves

taylorswiftFor the past five years, there has been a rise of a certain genre in modern culture. In order to be considered a singer in this upcoming genre, you must have a southern drawl and cowboy boots. Their loyal, devoted fans must love the summer and be enthralled with sharing their emotions. The genre is none other than country music; a style of sound which has quickly become the defining musical genre for the nation. While many are aware of the songs and their respective artists topping the country charts, it can only be speculated as to why country music has all of a sudden become the latest American trend.

Sophomore and country enthusiast Rachel Fox believes she may have the answer to the question. “Country music has become increasingly popular throughout the years because many of the country stars have incorporated elements of pop and rock into their music, making it more appealing to a wider audience.”

Fellow sophomore and country lover Jackie Leming concurs with Fox. “I think that country has become really popular recently because a lot of country artists are incorporating other genres into their music. It seems like recently there is less of a separation between country and other types of music like rock and pop. Now country songs can appeal to a wider range of listeners,” Leming said.

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Inexpensive Gifts Certain to Please

Last Friday marked the beginning of the holiday shopping season. With Black Friday being the biggest shopping day of the year, shopping can beome a bit hectic. If you decided to stay away from the mall mayhem this season and you also skipped Cyber Monday, you may be disappointed that to have missed out on some bargains. However, if you are looking to shop for the holidays on a budget, there are still many options that can help you save your money.

College students often find it hard to splurge during the holidays. Junior Jessica Ketchel realizes this, “I definitely do less buying for the holidays now that I have my own expenses to pay.” This is most likely true for the majority of students around this time of year. If you want to keep your gifts at a minimum cost, you should check out Pinterest for some creative and useful ideas.

If you are more the do-ityourself kind, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Baking homemade cookies and other various treats is a perfect gift if you accompany it with festive wrapping or even an ornament to tie it all together. You can also let the receiver have all the fun—create jars with cookie or hot chocolate ingredients and add cookie cutters or decorative mugs and recipes. To show off your artistic and personal side, you can make wall art or personal photo frames with your favorite images and pictures. A simple journal and a fun pen can make a great gift too, especially if you add a personal message on the front page.

Junior Tara Esposito enjoys the thought of homemade presents. “I’m an art major, and it is fun for me to make my own Christmas presents because I can get creative while doing something I really like doing, while still making it all personal,” she said.

It is no secret that mostly everyone in today’s world is techobsessed. If you are looking for a way to please a tech-savvy person, you should consider phone cases and e-book reader covers. always has deals on trendy iPhone cases, and they even sell bejeweled button stickers for a couple of dollars. Add a screen protector or a colorful charger and you have got the perfect gift for the cell phone fanatic.

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Drop the Turkey Weight with Simple Exercises

lifestyles_workingoutWith all the food and temptations waiting for you on the living room table, the holidays have become an extremely difficult time to try to maintain a healthy diet. Worst of the lot, when it comes to a healthy diet, the worst holiday is Thanksgiving.

Friends and family come together over a huge meal, will power is not a word that is typically found in one’s vocabulary. Between the yummy turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pies, and the leftovers it is inevitable to pack on a few Turkey Day pounds.

“I look forward to the holidays and all the food, so I try not to fixate about any weight I might gain over the break,” said freshman Jessica Caffey. Much like Caffey, many have a hard time saying no to these irresistible foods, luckily there are several ways to quickly shed those unwanted pounds just in time for the next round of holidays.

There are many ways of working out while maintaing the holiday spirit. For instance, ice skating with friends or family is a great activity. According to, it is possible to burn up to 200 calories in 30 minutes of ice skating even if it is a light skate. Another great option would be to rake leaves. By Drop the Turkey Weight with Simple Exercises raking leaves, you will be aiding your family while working your upper arms as well as burning calories. Even taking a walk around your neighborhood burns some calories. Another example of how to stay active and keep with the holiday spirit is to have a two-hand touch football game with relatives or friends.

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There is More to Yoga Than Finding ‘Zen’

When one thinks of yoga, they tend to think of middle aged upperclass women using this as an excuse for a workout. It is difficult to understand that yoga actually does benefit the body mentally and physical when it merely looks like pre-stretches that most sports would do. This common misconception has made many believe that yoga is simply the latest trend, but it is in fact one of the best allaround workouts in today’s world.

Sophomore and yoga enthusiast, Becca Zidik, explains why yoga is truly the best overall body and mental workout one can find. “Yoga promotes the blood flow throughout the body, which increases the transportation of minerals and vitamins within the body. It circulates oxygen to throughout the body as well. This can help lower blood pressure, increase your immunity, help with pain, and relieve many stresses of life. It also is a great way to increase your strength, enhance your posture, and lose weight,” Zidik noted.

Professor Shannon Hokanson of Monmouth’s Communication Department has been involved with yoga for nearly 15 years and has created her own opinion on why yoga is great. “Some benefits of yoga include stress management as well as physical fitness. For some folks, it helps them enact a non-spiritual individuality connection with the divine. Even if one is not after that goal, they can do yoga to relax both their mind and body.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are many different forms of yoga. The beginner’s form is hatha yoga while the more advanced ones are ashtanga and lyengar. Two more noteworthy yoga forms are bikram which is performed in a warm room and kundalini which centers around chants as well as meditation. The Mayo Clinic supports yoga as a form of exercise by stating, “The potential health benefits of yoga are numerous and may include: stress reduction, increased fitness, management of chronic health conditions, and weight loss.”

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Frozen Yogurt Has Taken Over East Coast Taste Buds

lifestyle-froyoThough the summer days are long past us, one may still find themselves with a serious sweet tooth for a frozen treat. Luckily, this can be satisfied as there has been a recent trend of self-serve frozen yogurt bars popping up around New Jersey, especially the Monmouth area. Most frozen yogurt bars have a variety of flavors, along with quite a selection of toppings. Some flavors can be plain like vanilla or strawberry, or daring like cookies and cream or peanut butter.

Toppings vary from healthy options like fresh fruit or granola to more indulgent choices such as cookie dough and brownies. The idea of the self-serve is for the customer to create whatever kind of frozen yogurt desired, and then add the toppings of choice. Most, if not all frozen yogurt places, charge by measuring the customer’s cup since there is a certain price paid per ounce.

While there are a number of frozen yogurt options around here such as Top It and Frozen Peaks, Froyo Beach is the newest to locate itself in the community. The owner, Ziva Ioia, cared to comment on why she thinks frozen yogurt, also known as “froyo” is now trending.

“Froyo is a lot more popular than hard ice cream because it’s nutritionally the smarter choice,” Ioia went on. “You get nutrition benefits such as less calories and fat along with a great taste.”

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Revamping Your Camping Through Local Sites

lifestyles-top-of-12While the University has plenty of activities for students to take part in every week, if one is looking to create an adventurous memory off campus, a great idea would be to get a group of friends together and appreciate the outdoors. While many may be unaware, there are plenty of campgrounds around Monmouth which have ideal conditions for beginners as well as experts.

The Outdoors Club advisor, Professor Reynolds, is well informed of which New Jersey campgrounds are prestigious choices. “We have several great campgrounds within an hour of our campus. Allaire State Park, Cheesequake State Park, Bass River State Park. Our club’s favorite one is Worthington State Park,” Professor Reynolds said. “New Jersey State Parks are absolutely sensational.”

Located in Wall Township, the closest camp site to the University would be Alliare State Park. The campgrounds have 45 tent as well as trailer sites and four yurts. According to their website, yurts are “circular tents built on a wood frame, featuring wood floors, a deck and plexiglas skylight.” Their website also states the campground has six cabins with a wood stove that can sleep four people. As for the group campsite, the park is open year round. The Allaire State Park campground offers discounts to any New Jersey resident.

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How to Accomplish the Autumn Feel via Food and Drink

lifestyles-page-13Autumn is the time of year when bathing suits are traded in for jackets, swimming pools are replaced with fireplaces, and cold lemonade is swapped for warm apple cider. Fall is the perfect time of year for heart and stomach-warming recipes with ingredients that range from pumpkin spice to sweet cinnamon. If you are in the mood for an autumn treat, you might want to check out some of these fall food ideas.

As soon as the leaves start to change, everything becomes enhanced with fall flavors. Coffee shops promote pumpkin flavored coffees and teas as well as serving apple cider by the gallon. If you depend on coffee for your caffeine before class, you can try Dunkin Donut’s pumpkin white chocolate iced or hot coffee or their pumpkin mocha flavored latte, as well as traditional hot chocolate.

If you have a sweet tooth, they also offer fall-inspired donuts as well as pumpkin muffins. Still, homemade coffee is another option. Keurig makes various types of coffees for any taste preference. Junior Tara Esposito is a fan of the pumpkin spice flavor. “I stocked up with 80 K-cups of the pumpkin spice flavor to make sure I have enough of it, even when fall is over,” she said.

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Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind When Packing to Camp

lifestyles-bottom-of-12Regardless of the season or venue, every camper needs reliable equipment. It is hard for one to find these assets if they are unaware of the options, hence why it is important to any beginning or intermediate camper to find their preference of tent, sleeping bag, and sets of clothes.

The first step towards acquiring the proper tools for a camping trip would be to determine how many people are going to accompany you in the woods. The amount of food, the tent size, and the water supply are determined on the number of people in a group. Secondly, one must finalize their campground. By doing so, one can begin to buy the proper tools. For instance, if a campground has a barbeque set available for the public, there is no need to bring a small grill of your own.

With the figures and site squared away, it is time to choose a tent. There are many different styles of tents, for example, describes a cabin tent, a tunnel tent, and a dome tent. A cabin tent is usually used for large groups or when one is driving to a campground rather than walking. If you are planning to hike on a trail, it is recommended to travel with a very light, small tent or tarp since you will be lugging it around for your entire trip.

A tunnel tent is essentially what it sounds like; the tent appears in the form of a tunnel. Tunnel tents are debatably the easiest tent to pitch (in other words set up) but they can be swayed by the wind much more than other forms of tents.

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Weird NJ Provides Various Adventures

weird-nj-devils-treeWith Halloween on a Wednesday this year, it is likely there may not be many gatherings around West Long Branch. Therefore, with nothing to do on Halloween night, or even just to get in the Halloween spirit, a great alternative would be following a spooky trail left for you by the very popular series of books, Weird NJ.

Weird NJ is composed of myths and legends around the entire state of New Jersey. First published in 2003, Weird NJ has expanded drastically by creating a website and several magazine editions of their books, as well as forming a broad audience nationwide. Intially made solely for the purpose of handing out to friends, Mark Moran and Mark Sceurman began Weird NJ as a pamphlet which eventually turned into a magazine.

The website,, boasts “Something about Weird NJ seemed to strike a nerve with folk of the Garden State. Our little ‘zine’ was getting passed around and finding its way into the hands of people we had never even met.” The two men have now expanded their ‘Weird’ series to include every state.

Since the two Mark’s began their journey in New Jersey, the two have come across many myths and legends in the state. The two main legends in New Jersey are the tale of the Jersey Devil and the myth of Clinton Road, while the lesser known stories include Gravity Road and Thirteen Witches’ Road.

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Haunted Happenings around MU

It is that time of year when pumpkins are being carved and apple cider is being purchased by the gallon. Halloween is quickly approaching, and the tail-end of summer is now a thing of the past.

It is autumn, and at this time of year there are many fun activities to embark on. Whether you want to go apple picking with the family, or hop on a haunted hayride with friends, there are plenty of options around the West Long Branch area.

One of the main nearby attractions, Battleview Orchards, is located in Freehold and is a great place to spend the day. Battleview Orchards have plenty of land where you can pick your own apples and pumpkins. Plus, they have weekend hayrides around the farm.

Also in Freehold is Wemrock Orchards, famous for their homemade pies. Here, you can explore the pumpkin patch, challenge yourself in a corn maze, and enjoy a hayride. They also have a market, bakery, winery, and ice cream parlor, all of which are available during the fall season.

Twin Pond Farm in Howell offers a corn maze, hayride, and even a moon bounce if you are looking to find your inner childagain. This year, they have added a new Thanksgiving catering menu incorporating everything from appetizers to dessert.

Westhaven Farm in Allentown offers the same hayride and maze attractions, but they also have Haunted Happenings around MU farm animals to visit.

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The Beginning of Vintage: Round 2

Teenagers h ave begun to reflect the fashion sense their parents’ had growing up. Although the 1980’s hair or the 1990’s mullet may never return, the fashion from that century has definitely been on the rise. Some may wonder why the sudden fascination with this so-called vintage style.

A clear answer would be the linkage of the vintage style to the up-and-coming hipster crowd. While hipsters may not be making a movement such as the hippies did in the 1960’s, they are crucial in why vintage styles can be seen nation wide.

According to, a hipster is one who follows the latest trends and fashion. According to Generation Y, hipsters are the exact opposite of the dictionary definition. A typical hipster listens to indie music, is in tune with the outdoors, and practices some form of art, whether it be painting, music, or photography.

Others, such as sophomore Laurel Weber do not believe in the hipster rise at all. “What is hipster? Because I toll my jeans, does that make me a hipster? My friend is wearing a flannel so does that make her hipster?” Weber continued. “Being an individual is being an individual. It has nothing to do with ‘hipster’ or whatever that is. Wearing TOMS and big glasses doesn’t have any affect on being yourself.”

Forbes writer Rachel Hennessey believes there is a psychological answer to why vintage has become popular. “There is also something to be said about nostalgia, as wearing clothes from another period can be a sort of escape from contemporary stresses for twenty-first century Americans.” While Hennessey’s theory may be true, there is no set answer as to why vintage is the look to have.

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Supplements Motivate, but Do They Facilitate?

If you are involved with any form of fitness, be it working out in the gym or playing an organized sport, there is no doubt you have heard of someone, or maybe even yourself, using a supplement to complement the exercise. There are endless options and combinations for those who have performed under the influence of these supplements. Some popular fix-ins are Whey protein, glutamine, creatine; their big flashy containers hold up to five pounds of strange smelling powder, and with a little bit of water you have yourself an alarmingly unpalatable fruit drink or chocolate shake that will help you become the next Ronnie Coleman.

Forget a well-rounded and vitamin rich diet; if you want to be a swollen beast or cut like Rambo, the new belief is you need some supplements. Tons of people swear by these products and are convinced that they make all the difference, but the truth is that the legitimacy of a lot of these supplements is equivocal to say the least. There are many other factors that can make or break a training regimen besides the use of a magic fitness potion. As of late, pre-workout supplements that supposedly boost one’s energy and stamina are very popular on the supplement market.

Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine, Chuck Whedon, gives his opinion on why these supplements have gathered the recent attention of many. “The products have gained an increased interest for the same reason McDonald’s does- effective marketing strategies and heavy reliance on individual ignorance and desire for a ‘quick fix’. Our society’s unhealthy emphasis on appearance lends to narcissism and an eagerness to do whatever it takes to get bigger, stronger, leaner-thinner and better looking,” Whedon claimed.

I recently avoided Whey products and have instead purchased USPLabs Jack3d, one of the most popular of these pre-workouts, and took some before a workout. Here is a detailed summary of my first experience with it:

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Defining Vintage

What Is Considered to be Vintage and Where to Obtain It


Vintage. This word is heard on a daily basis, but does anyone actually know its specific meaning? Depending on who you ask, you can find very different definitions of the word. According to the dictionary, vintage is something that exhibits maturity, excellence, timelessness, and is classic, while claims vintage fashion is “clothing and accessories that are at least 25 years old.” Most ordinary people you ask consider vintage to be anything from the broad range of the 1910- 1980 time frame.

When a younger crowd hears the word vintage, what do they think? The first things that usually cross the mind are clothes, cars, celebrities, movies, and anything old or classic. Iconic celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn can be considered vintage since they lived and starred in films in the 50’s and 60’s. Even some antiques could be considered vintage if they fall into the category of being created in the 50’s, 60’s as well. Virtually anything can be classified as vintage as long as it is at least twentyfive years old, or even appears to be old.

Senior, Alexa Anastasio, gives her own take on vintage. “To the average fashion consumer, vintage generally means something that is old and almost always, used,” Anastasio continues, “To me, vintage items hold much more character than a mass produced, item from a store at the mall. It is much more likely to find someone with the same Forever 21 shirt as you than the same vintage 1960’s collared blouse you found at a local flea market.”

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Behind the Sole: A Deeper Look Into TOMS

lifestyles toms shoesWhether it be boat shoes, sandals, or moccisans, flat soled shoes have always been a present in many closets. This year, a new flat shoe has immersed as the leading brand. Created by Blake Mycoskie in 2006, the shoe company was built after Mycoskie visited South America and realized that Argentinian children had nothing to protect their feet. Thus, the company was inspired to provide shoes on a One to One basis: for every pair of shoes purchased, a new pair would be given to a child in need.

The company established what they call shoe-giving partnerships with national, humanitarian organizations. These organizations have both knowledge and familiarity with a specific community in need. The final step is providing shoes made to fit for the children so that their needs are met for everyday wear.

Some may be asking “why shoes” instead of food or shelters. This is because third-world countries often have children growing up barefoot. This means that masses of children are in jeopardy of injury and disease that most likely will not be treated due to their financial status.

Underprivileged children must go through a multitude of tasks without the comfort of shoes such as walking long distances for necessities like clean water or medical aid. The usual shoe for these children is a pair of black canvas shoes with no laces because laces are often too pricy for families to afford if they break, according to

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Styles for Women Fresh off the Runway

Many people adore the fall crisp weather. What makes fall that much better is being able to wear warm, cozy sweaters, different denims and of course the footwear. From the looks of fashion week, this fall is sure to spice up one’s wardrobe while remaining comfy and warm. Hot off the runway, there are major trends to be seen in this season.

To begin, you must focus on the shirt of choice. Button ups are a traditional, yet very chic piece.This fall, they are much silkier, sexier, and far less boring than ever before. Perfect for layering or wearing alone, celebrities are treating them as the new basic tees. Sophomore Kyle O’Grady states, “I love that button up blouses are coming back on trend. It is a much more classic, feminine look and the possibilities of how to wear them are endless.”

A nice accessory to accompany with a button up would be the ever popular collar necklaces. Whatever the occasion be, these collar necklaces add an extra oomph to a simple blouse and can create a whole new look.

Leather is another fall trend making a big comeback. If you wish to be a little daring, add a leather jacket to your wardrobe. If leather is not for you but you still hope to send a daring message, bring out a more edgy side by grabbing the next fab fall piece: graphic pullovers.

As for bottoms, the pencil skirt has been an upcoming style. Its versatility provides a great reason to invest in as many as you want. Pencil skirts can be worn to the office or a night out with the girls when accompanied with the proper top and accessories.

This look is also great for any body type as it is snug in the right places to accentuate curves, then continues straight down for a slimming look. The pencil skirt is typically seen in dark colors, but this fall, pencil skirts can be found in fun, patterned styles. The patterned pencil skirt has plenty of personality to go around and it really plays nice with anything you can imagine.

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Ways for Men to be Comfortable and Sharp this Autumn

Contrary to popular belief, fashion trends are not just for women, and this season there is an exceptional focus on men in fashion. Here are some guidelines to stick to so you are always dressed for success around campus.

The most important items to have in your closet are of course, the essentials for each season. No man should be without a few pairs of structured jeans in a few different shades, and some solid tees in neutral colors. When it comes to jeans, it is a good idea to have a dark pair and a light pair, which creates diversity in your wardrobe. Light colored jeans are perfect for everyday wear, and you can dress up with a dark wash.

You can never go wrong with a pair of khakis either; they are neutral but give a different feel than jeans. Because the colder months are approaching, long sleeves and thermals are also a good idea. Once again, you can never go wrong with a neutral color and a classic fit. With these basics, you can layer different pieces to create new looks, or wear them on their own for a casual and simple outfit.

The essentials do not just stop at jeans and tee shirts. Button ups are also a cold weather must. These are perfect if you want to look a little more formal for class, or if you are going out with friends on the weekend. Plus, they come in not only solid colors, but patterns so you can mix it up. Button ups are not only useful on their own—you can wear them under a vest, sweater or jacket to create layers and keep warm. Just make sure you iron them before wear.

Fall is the ultimate sweater weather. During the next few months, you will be grateful to have some knit pieces. V-Knit pullover sweaters are always good to have, to wear alone, or over a button up or polo. Cardigans are also a good way to add a bit of “back to school” into your wardrobe. Plus, you can use them over and over again with different outfits. In order to look cool and stay warm, sweaters are essential for your autumn attire.

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Eating Right to Make a Run Last

Whether it is a marathon or a mile, eating properly before and after a run is crucial to one’s success.

What to eat before a run is common sense. Lean towards processed carbs along with low fiber fruits while straying away from junk food and soda. The reason processed carbs are preferred over healthier items such as whole grain bread is because these are easier on one’s stomach while running. If planning to run some point throughout the day, a wise choice for breakfast would be a non-whole wheat bagel with peanut butter accompanied by a small glass of water.

After a run, many feel as if they are invincible. Make sure to keep in mind that even though you have worked out, your body has to replenish all that it has lost during the run. One should aim to get a decent amount of both unprocessed carbohydrates as well as protein into their body after a run. Many runners follow a 3:1 or 4:1 carbs to protein ratio. While this is the norm for a decent number of runners, everyone is different and it is important to figure out what ratio is best for your body.

A great drink of choice after a run is chocolate milk. According to, “consistent consumption of chocolate milk after sustained exercise dramatically lowers the levels of creatine kinase (an indicator of muscle damage).” Another drink to consume after a run would be a protein shake. Whey and Soy protein powders are favored by many marathon athletes because they help restore muscle glycogen, a main supplement used by the body during long distance runs.

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Distance vs. Sprints

Which is the Better Choice?

Sprinting vs distance: While both include running, there is an ongoing debate about which field is particularly more difficult to compete in and better health wise.

“Sprinters rely heavily on glucose as energy sources in their events, which at the top level last less than a minute,” Livestrong. com stated, “Distance runners, on the other hand, rely on a mix of stored muscle glycogen, which is converted to glucose, and fatty acids liberated from fat cells and muscle cells.”

Head Track and Field coach, Joe Compagni, states, “I think they are both difficult in their own way. I think anytime somebody trains as a sprinter and sees what long distance runners do, they earn some respect for them, but then the reverse is also true. The distance runners look and think the sprinters workouts are not as challenging but then they actually do them and see they are just a lot more intense.”

According to Forbes, there are both pros and cons to sprinting as well as running long distances. Jon Entine believes that sprinters are born not made. “Genetically linked, highly heritable characteristics such as skeletal structure, the distribution of muscle fiber types (for example, sprinters have more natural fast twitch fibers, while distance runners are naturally endowed with more of the slow twitch variety), reflex capabilities, metabolic efficiency and lung capacity are not evenly distributed among populations,” Entine notes in one of his articles.

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Running the School: Literally

lifestyles-running-the-schoolStaying fit in college is not the easiest thing to do. The Multi-purpose Activity Center is a great, inexpensive way to stay in shape but many people do not like working out in front of others, let alone being forced to go to a gym. Instead of using the MAC, some may like to run outdoors and view nice scenery on the way to their destination. As a former collegiate cross country athlete, I will present you with some insight to great running paths around MU.

The number one thing people love about the University is the close proximity to the beach. A great way to enjoy a beach day while getting exercise would be to run to the shoreline. Running from the library towards the beach and stopping at the end of Cedar Avenue is precisely a mile.

If one were to run to the beach, stay there for a little, and then run back, it would be an enjoyable two mile workout. If one wanted to push themselves further than a one mile mark but still preferred to use the Cedar Avenue route, it is a novel idea to turn left onto Ocean Avenue. Making a right turn at the first street will bring one to the shoreline but would also add an extra .3 miles to the route.

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You Are What You Eat: Certain Foods Affect Appearance

lifestyles-colorIt seems as if girls are never truly satisfied with their appearance. They wake up two hours before they need to just so they can blast their face with makeup, straighten their hair and take a ridiculous amount of time picking out the perfect outfit.

If you are tired of this cycle, a solution is nearby. There are plenty of foods to enhance your hair, skin, eyesight and stomach which can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

The first thing most women do in the morning is pick out their clothes. It is an aggravating process that most men will never understand and most women know all too well. Outfit after outfit is put on trial for minutes on end, but none truly satisfy the wearer. More often than not, the wearer is not upset with the clothing but with their body. There are many foods which are said to help gain a flat stomach when accompanied with exercise. A few great foods to eat if your goal is to achieve a slimmer stomach are almonds, eggs, and apples.

Almonds have the ability to regulate blood sugar. When blood sugar is level, it prevents craving which easily leads to weight gain. Almonds are also known to diminish the absorption of fat.

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Bad Habits Now Mean Health Problems Later

Between balancing academics, sports, clubs and a social life, college students easily adapt to the “dorm room diet.” We live in a fast paced society and anything that can be thrown in a microwave or passed through a car window becomes a staple in their routine.

“Health is something that comes second, third, fourth (to college students),” said Nursing professor Dianne Van Arsdale. “Most college students are between the ages of 18 and 25 and you think you’re invulnerable. You don’t think anything’s going to hurt you.”

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Americans and stroke ranks as one of the top five. But America’s health problems probably do not keep the average college student awake at night.

“Heart disease and stroke are vascular related. Someone doesn’t just get clogged arteries at 30 or 40. It’s from a lifetime of habits,” said Chris Hirschler, Health Studies Professor. Hirschler says that these two diseases are strongly linked to diet.

“There are autopsy studies done on young people who die less than ten years of age that have significant arthrosclerosis,” said Hirschler. Arthrosclerosis is the hardening of the arteries.

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Avoid the Dreaded Freshmen Fifteen thru Easy Steps

Coming into college, most freshmen stress over leaving their home, friends and family. After a month, when they finally grow accustomed to their college life, they no longer feel the anticipation or fear of college.

As fall break approaches, they begin to think about what their old friends will think of them once they reunite at a group hangout or at their high school’s homecoming football game. They begin to think of how they will perceive their old friends. One thing leads to another and they will begin to think if any of their friends have gained the alleged freshmen fifteen, or even worse if they had gained it themselves. If this thought scares you, then here are some helpful tips on how to avoid the accursed freshmen fifteen.

Being away from home for the first time is going to test your willpower. Thankfully, Monmouth University offers many healthy options in its cafeterias. Everything must be eaten in moderation. Eating a handful of potato chips can be bad if not paired with another healthy main course meal.

According to, eat at certain hours everyday and try to eat five smaller meals rather than three big meals per day. Both of these m ethods will help your metabolism. Most importantly, do not be drawn into making late night snacks an every night ritual. If you do like to snack at night, choose something healthy to eat such as fruit or carrots instead of what the vending machines offer.

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How to Fit Eighteen Years of Your Life Into a 15’ by 11’ Room

Walking into my Pinewood room freshman year was one of the oddest moments of my life. As I looked at the bare white walls and the wooden furniture in the tiny room,a single thought immediately entered my mind: “Oh no. I think I packed too much stuff.”

One of the hardest things to do was decide how to pack 18 years of my life up and fit it into this new room, which I would own half of for the next nine months. It was a challenge, especially since I never shared a room before, and was used to having my system of organized chaos sprawled across my floor and desk at home. Luckily, my roommate at the time was very understanding and we were able to make our empty little room into a comfortable living space with a few trial and errors.

Making a dorm room or suite your own personalized living space is not that hard with these few tips that I have learned from living on-campus these past two years at Monmouth.

Bunk/loft your beds. This was probably the best thing that my roommate and I agreed about on move in day. By lofting or keeping the beds bunked, it creates a little extra floor room so you and your roommate are not tripping over one another. If you loft one of the beds, you can place your dresser or desk underneath for extra space as well.

Usually there are information cards in every room with a service that will loft the beds for you, so it might be useful to keep those. Just remember not to put your lofted bed(s) or bunk beds near the light in ceiling to avoid injury.

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