Paparazzi, Please No Photos in the Playroom

There’s no question that tabloids and gossip magazines cross the line from time to time. Lately, celebrities are fed up and finally beginning to stand up to these magazines in regards to the exploitation of children.

Celebrities are making these tabloids and blogs realize that reporting on and photographing their children is wrong and unethical.

New parents Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have openly discussed their indifferences toward entertainment news sites and their use of children as subjects of stories.

Paparazzi get into lawsuits with celebrities all the time. In today’s society it seems it is part of the norm for photographers to harass and swarm around celebs and their children.

It is to the point that if a celebrity steps outside with their child, they are not only putting themselves in danger, but the child as well.

Yes, the celebrity chose to be in the spotlight, but the child didn’t. The parents should not have to worry about even taking their children to the grocery store just because they’re in the limelight.

Why should I know the name of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter and exactly what she looks like, let alone what she is wearing?

The little girl is less than 10 years old, yet there are websites and magazines reporting on what where she is going to school and which ice cream flavor she likes. I cannot be the only person that thinks that’s creepy.

It is even worse that there are people who pay for these pictures. There are people that make a living out of taking a picture of Suri or Blue Ivy.

It is unethical for a random person to photograph an unknown child, and there could be serious charges pressed. So why doesn’t the same go for celebrities and their offspring?

There are celebrities who are boycotting certain magazines and sites, taking a stand to protect their children. I believe this is completely necessary; someone needs to change this nonsense. In my opinion, the fact that people even have to take that stand is wrong.

Just because someone is famous, they shouldn’t have to worry about being in public. Parents tell their children not to talk to strangers, but these kids need to take this much more seriously than normal children. Just because their parents are famous, they need to be extra cautious. This is wrong.

Many other celebrity news sites have given their say on this topic now, like blogger Perez Hilton saying that he will be more cautious of what he does.

Perez and some other tabloids and blogs are giving the celebrity-parents more room for comfort, but when you’re famous, that comfort isn’t always guaranteed.