Advice from College Seniors: Senior Year -The Perfect Time to Persevere, Not Give Up

As we begin our senior year, many of our fellow students have already invested in the luxury of a four class schedule with plenty of time to kill. We see our friends casually drinking on weeknights and going to the beach on weekdays. While we too have some time during the week, we have taken the liberty of keeping our hectic schedule in order to grasp a full appreciation of our college life.

A friend who recently graduated consistently goes to social media to complain how much he misses the college lifestyle and even his out of school responsibilities such as participation in clubs and his fraternity.

We realize that we are fortunate enough to be part of three major clubs on campus and did not want to drop these activities just to more freedom during our senior year.

Being leaders for two of our clubs’ majors on campus has taught us that being involved and staying involved is a learning experience that pays off. It looks much better on your resume if you stay in an activity because it shows commitment and dedication which can then be translated to a future job.

If you diminish your responsibilities just because it’s your senior year, then a future employer may think you could do the same during your career. With this said, it is never too late to join an organization. Both of us went around the Involvement Fair this past weekend and joined some clubs that we never even thought of as an option in prior years. We do not want an opportunity to slip through our hands, hence why we have decided it would be best to be as involved as we can be. There are still so many people to meet and so many ways to be involved.

With this said, we also realize that as a senior, you should not spread yourself too thin. You certainly do not want to take six courses, be on five e-boards, and have three jobs; however, you do want to be somewhat involved so you still feel like a college student. Regardless of our many titles and courses at the University, we still have the time to go out on the weekends with our friends, head to the beach, and simply relax. If you think you cannot handle club responsibilities on top of a social life and your normal course load, take it from us, you can.

Plus, being so heavily involved with campus clubs has even earned us credits in place of free electives so in the long run, it pays off. With our involvement on E-board for PRSSA and The Outlook, we get to swap credits through the clubs instead of an extra class

With this being said, to the seniors: we understand that you want to have the time of your life as you enter the final year of freedom, we do too! There is nothing wrong with realizing that you should take full advantage of your last year of college.

At the same time, just keep in the back of your mind what a gratifying experience on-campus involvement can be on top of letting loose every night of the week. One day you might look back and wish you would have treated your senior year with more enthusiasm.