Why I Love Monmouth

As my four years here at Monmouth come to a close, I look back at my entire college experience and cannot imagine how it could have turned out any better. 

I truly do believe Monmouth is one of the greatest universities you can attend. 

Granted, my views may come from a very biased perspective. I have never went to another college, and I do not know enough people at other colleges to really grasp what attending a different college would be like. 

What I do know is what I have seen these past four years. This being said, I cannot imagine how the college experience could get any better anywhere else.

First off, there is the community at Monmouth as a whole. Greek life, psych major, athlete, commuter, the list goes on. I have friends who fit into all these categories. 

The thing about Monmouth is everyone here has his or her main group, but at the end of the day, we all come together as one. 

The school  is large enough so you can meet new people everyday, but small enough where you can still run into a different friend everyday. 

Which brings me to my next point: the people. I have met some of the most amazing people known to man at this school. 

Not only are these people that I have met hard working and driven but they are funny, interesting and have the biggest hearts.

 I cannot be grateful enough that Monmouth brought all of these new people into my life. 

The success these people will achieve drives me to want to succeed even more. I see people running newspapers, taking on internships at great companies, spending long hours at schools learning to teach the youth of tomorrow.

 I see people who are going to be successful. Maybe Monmouth isn’t the biggest name school, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from achieving big things. 

And it’s hard to beat a campus that’s home to famous ghosts and some of the most beautiful landscaping I have ever seen. Complain all you want about the “gardening budget being too big,” but don’t tell me you don’t walk around campus enamored at the beauty of it all coming together. 

From the ivory and brick red colored buildings, put against the sharp contrast of the vibrant green grass, and the pops of colored flowers in between, you cannot help but stare at the beauty. 

I have walked around campus for four years soaking in this beauty, knowing in a few short weeks my morning commute will never be as pretty as it is on that campus. If you are a freshman, never take for granted just how gorgeous this campus is. 

A little known gem of Monmouth University is the Outdoors Club. Known by some students as the alternative to Greek life, this club has completely changed my life with the unique and incredible people it attracts. 

This club has taken me horseback riding, to the most remote parts of New Jersey, to upstate New York and back around. 

Where else but Monmouth could you find such a motley crew of lovable people, who want to see the entire world? 

Not only is Monmouth’s Outdoors Club an incredible group to be a part of, but the study abroad department is another amazing feature that Monmouth has to offer. 

Robyn Asaro, Assistant Director of Study Abroad, walks you through every step of the process and really helps make the transition easy. Monmouth helps to make this experience as easy as possible for students. 

Plus, somehow, some of the coolest people at the school come together every semester to experience it all. I met a lot of other people abroad, from a lot of different countries, but no college has as tight knit group as us Monmouth students did.

And when it comes down to the basic reason of why you go to college, to learn, I don’t think I could have been this successful anywhere else. 

First of all, the classes are always the perfect size just as promised. So, I can ask questions, I can go to my professor’s office hours, and on top of these, my professors know me. For me, that’s something very reassuring, that I don’t think I could get anywhere else. 

The resources available to you if your professor does not have enough time to help you are also endless; from the writing center, to the tutoring center, to the math lab. All these sources of outside help leave a student no choice but to succeed. I love knowing I go t a college where my success is their number one priority.  

Not only has Monmouth helped and allowed me to learn and grow, now as I search for a my first position, Monmouth is providing me with the resources I need to find a full time position. Their career services department will stop at nothing to help you be where you want to be. That’s something you cannot always get from every college out there.  

I could go on forever about how incredible a school Monmouth is to me. You don’t know what you have ‘til it’s gone, but I’ve known since freshman year what a good thing I have here. 

I encourage every underclassman to see what a great school they are lucky enough to go to. 

Looking past any negative aspect students may think they see and focusing on the best parts. Monmouth truly is a great school, and four years after it will have made you the greatest person you can be.