The Best Mood Boosters

Class work is increasing and exams are on the horizon. The stress is slowly building, one assignment at a time. Now is the perfect time to take a breath and de-stress.

To decompress and relax, one should utilize mood boosters. Mood boosters can range from one going to the gym, going to the beach, reading, playing with a pet, watching a movie, hiking, shopping, or hanging with friends.

Going to the beach is an amazing way to boost one’s mood. It doesn’t get much better than being able to relax in a calm peaceful environment. Taking in the waves, feeling the breeze, warm sand. All worries blow away with the ocean breeze.

Reading is another great mood booster because it allows one to drift off into their own world and to distract their mind from everything around them. Whether it is a newspaper article or a novel, reading can allow you to escape into another world, free of stress.

Playing with animals is another way to ease stress. Let the stress drift away with each swipe of the soft, comforting fur. Both you and the animal will appreciate the act.

Perhaps you are very in to mediation and yoga. Give one of Monmouth’s yoga classes a try. The breathing techniques used in yoga as well as the relaxing atmosphere are sure to eliminate the built up stress.

Dancing, whether in one’s dorm room, or in public is a great mood booster and a fun aerobic exercise. Dancing allows one to feel free and release their mind from stress/the real world.

Hiking is a mood booster that once again allows oneself to receive endorphins and can enjoy a scenic view of nature. There is just something about being out in nature, seeing the animals, coupled with it be a full body work out.

An essential mood booster is being with your people, whether your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, co-workers, or family. Whether going out to eat with friends, playing mini-golf, working out, or just watching the game, companionship is the key to be happiness. Studies have shown people need some sort of companionship to be happy.

My favorite way to boost my mood is by hitting the gym. Exercise not only works your body but also your mind. Those extra endorphins that are released during physical activity can change your whole day. On days when I feel like I have accomplished nothing and the work is overwhelming, I love to take an hour off over and go to the gym. After completing my workout, I feel so satisfied.

Monmouth offers various stress relieving activities throughout the semester, and hosts a type of “De-Stress Fest” during finals week. The activities range from petting dogs, to coloring, to playing board games. And free food is always a plus.

While we can’t avoid stress, we can combat it. Mood boosters are fun ways to decompress, and make life livable. So before the stress and the big tests arrive, test out some of these stress relieving activities.