Truth Behind Brand Names

What’s in a Name?

The Truth About Brand Names

Truth Behind Brand NamesIn today’s society, there is one thing that we all seem to connect with.  It is that we are all, in a way, materialistic. 

But, for some people, being materialistic mirrors onto clothing.  It has almost become a social norm for people to purchase the most expensive or ‘hyped up’ clothing items just to say that they have it.  But, is it worth the money? 

Tyler Manwarren, a senior business administration student, said, “I own pieces from Supreme, Bape, and Kith, but, a lot of my simple clothing pieces come from H&M, Forever 21, and even Boscov’s.  I also do wear some local brands such as Quartersnacks and Paterson League.” 

Manwarren also gave his opinion on purchasing expensive clothing pieces, “Personally, I think there is an extent to what I would spend on specific brands.  If other people want to spend hundreds of dollars on a t-shirt, then go ahead.  I’d rather spend that money on something else.” 

Overall, Manwarren’s daily clothing pieces are affordable but he is always willing to spend the money for a “holy grail” he’s been searching for.

Manwarren’s tips are definitely something to keep in mind while shopping for your wardrobe.

Brianna Pinto, a sophomore biology student, agrees that she would go the extra mile to grab a more chic and expensive piece if it meant long-term wear.  “I have a few Supreme pieces, Kanye West’s Pablo merch, and some Kith collaborations,” she said.

Pinto gave her perspective on spending money on expensive brands and clothing items, “It depends on the situation and the item.  The smart choice would be to spend money on cheaper pieces.” 

Although she will tend to look for pieces that are more affordable, Pinto will occasionally save her money to purchase an item that’s more desired.

Many popular brands or brands that are produced by celebrities are exponentially higher priced than typical expensive brands.

Kanye West released his brand with some very basic clothing items and were sold for ridiculous amounts of money.

Professor of communication, Nicholas Messina, had alternate views that differed from both Pinto and Manwarren, “When I first started buying essential clothing pieces, I’d usually buy from Cotton On, Pacsun and H&M.” 

Messina realized that he would rather spend the extra money on one essential piece that will last longer than similar items that cost less. 

“If it’s good quality, it’s worth the money.  I’m more willing to spend my money on premium quality clothes because ultimately, they tend to last longer.” 

He also gave his input on brands that set their retail prices to unreal standards.  “I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have a few pieces from certain brands, but they have to be worth the money.  If someone bases their entire wardrobe off expensive brands, it loses the appeal,” he said. 

Overall, Messina has now transitioned into spending a reasonable amount of money for essential pieces that will last in the end.

For college students, it can be difficult to be able to spend a good amount of money on an expensive and flashy piece.

What we could do is make a smarter decision to purchase cheaper alternatives to expensive items that are trending. 

Although it may be more desired to obtain expensive pieces that some of our favorite celebrities wear on a daily basis, some of these pieces are just not as affordable as a cheaper alternative. 

Owning brand name pieces that are extremely sought after has become popular and more on trend than just buying basic clothing, but financially, spending half our paychecks on a basic piece is not worth the money.

PHOTO TAKEN by Alexandria Afanador