Cuffing Season

Is Cuffing Season Real?

The holiday season is here and by that, I mean it is cuffing season! Suddenly, the weather drops, and everyone is cold and lonely and wants to be tied up to a loved one. Depending on who you are, and your relationship status, this can either excite, or terrify you. It is like musical chairs and it seems like everyone is scrambling to be in a relationship. The people that are in relationships, found a chair to sit in, and tell others that one day it may be their turn to find an open seat. The people left still standing are panicking because everyone around them seems to be getting “cuffed,” or paired up. But is cuffing season even real? Or is it just a made-up phenomenon?

Personally, I think cuffing season is an actual part of the cold weather season. Even research has found a common theme with humans getting into relationships as the temperature begins to drop. According to Sameera, a relationship expert, psychologist and CEO of the matchmaking site, Lasting Connections, “People who would normally rather be single find themselves desiring to be tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and spending lots of time inside makes people lonely, so they are looking for someone to spend this time with.”

The cold weather is an ideal time to cuddle, and snuggle up with someone. In addition, all of the holidays and festivities including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas make one want to take part in the activities with a significant other. For example, around the Monmouth area there are so many perfect holiday date ideas- like going pumpkin picking at local farms, ice skating at the ice rink at Pier Village, or even going to Walmart to buy gingerbread houses to decorate.

Who is going to fulfill all the “#relationshipgoals” you see on Twitter, and wear matching fuzzy socks, and sip on hot cocoa with you? You definitely need a boyfriend or girlfriend to do all of these things with, and that is why many people are so eager to be cuffed during this season.

Also, when people go home for the holidays, they are sick of hearing their annoying, nosy Aunt Sue say things like, “So you’re still single?” No one needs this negativity in their life, and no one wants to be bombarded with these questions that just remind you about your nonexistent love life, and endless, futile hours swiping on tinder.

However, being cuffed allows you to not dread these questions, and maybe even look forward to answering them. Everyone wants that special someone to show off to his or her family, and to prove to them that you somewhat have your life together, and that people are actually interested in dating you.

In our generation, it may be cuffing season, but that does not mean that people do not still fear the, dare I say it, “c” word, aka “commitment.” To be honest, just typing it out, gave me major anxiety. As much as we would not like to think so, nothing is as picture-perfect as it seems, and just because a supposed couple posts a cute picture on Instagram in front of a Christmas tree and gets over 500 likes, it does not mean that they are super happy, or even a real couple.

So, yes, cuffing season is a real occurrence that sweeps the human race, but are two people always necessarily cuffed? Many times, they are, but also, many times they are not, and those are just the harsh climates (both literally, and metaphorically) of cuffing season, and of our society.

Best of luck to all of you in the game of cuffing season musical chairs!

PHOTO COURTESY of Maggie Zelinka