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Inspiring by Aspiring: Natalie Newbold

Bold, Talented. Newbold, New Natalie.

This 28-year-old virtuoso has been drumming since she was 10 years old, playing guitar since she was 14, and has been song writing as long as she’s had a journal. The longevity of her dedication serves as a standard of what passion is in the music industry.

Having been a dedicated member of dollys, from 2013 to 2017, and a touring drummer and backing vocalist in Green Paper while at Rutgers New Brunswick, Newbold has become renowned in the music scene for her pleasant vocals and drum playing, equaled only by her kindness and support for others in the scene.

Natalie is currently the front-man of Well Wisher, where she sings lead vocals and plays guitar.

At the front of the stage, the shield of her kit has been removed, and her vulnerability is seen not just from her standing, singing body, but in her sincere expressions as she reveals her heart live for those in the audience to enjoy, relate to, and be moved from.

“As a performer, the thing that magnetized me and seemingly so many people to Natalie is how candid and honest everything she does FEELS when you watch her.  Every musician knows how hard it is to constantly be connected with the music you are trying to convey,” said Erik Romero, close friend of Natalie’s and former band member of dollys.

“Some nights it just feels like you have to “perform”.  She constantly amazes me with how every single time, she is able to put her heart into what she is doing when she is singing/playing, regardless of how her day went, regardless of where she is at in life at the moment.  I’ve seen her play hundreds of times and it still gets me,” Romero continued.

Newbold shares simmilar fondness in regard to Romero, mentioning in interview his influential contributions to Well Wisher. According to Newbold, Romero had encouraged Newbold to pursue songs she had written in dollys, and her musical passions overall.

“Erik was in Well Wisher when we first started, and I really owe so much to him. He really helped me a lot. When everything was happening and he was touring with The Front Bottoms, I said there’s no one else I would want to work with apart from you. He puts 110 percent into the songs and their recordings and I appreciate his input so much, so it was a no brainer,” said Newbold.

Fans and friends wait in anticipation to see her truths and tenderness displayed through the performance and release of the upcoming album from Well Wisher, where Newbold has written all of the lyrics. This album will contain 10 songs, the title of those and the album though, remain publically unreleased.

Lukas Dalikian, the current guitarist in Well Wisher, and a bassist for ROMP, said of Newbold, “Natalie is a thoughtful and hard working writer. It’s clear that she’s already considered so many aspects of her songs before bringing them to the band, which makes our job super easy. At the same time, she is considerate and encouraging of Lynsey, Anthony, and me, to add our personality to the songs, and everyone of those people have valuable input.”

“Aside from that, she is a very tasteful melody writer, which went a long way in the studio. I’m eager for people to hear the full length,” Dalikian continued.

Dalikian and Newbold share positive recall over their experience recording the upcoming album at an airbnb in the Poconos this January with Romero, before he left for tour with The Front Bottoms in the UK.

When calling the owner of the house for permission to bring the bands equipment inside to record, the individual on the other end of the phone call quickly recognized Newbold from dollys, and affectionately and supportively agreed to allow the band to record there.

Despite Newbold’s surprise, she has become increasingly more recognizable around music scenes like, Asbury Park, New Brunswick, Montclair, Philly, Richmond and various others, according to Romero.

Tony D’Arcangelo, the drummer of Well Wisher, said that his first impression of Newbold had inspired strong emotion within him. “From the combination of her intricate vocals and unique drum parts, strengthened from working together, this proved her as a staple in the music scene,” said D’Arcangelo.

As a staple, Newbold’s strength and promise as a female musician has been certain to inspire many.

“In dollys, to see a lead singer playing the drums is a psychotically impressive thing.  I imagine not a single show went by where she didn’t inspire someone.  Then add on top of that that she teaches kids in Asbury Park.  I’m not sure if at this point you could quantify the number of young women (or anyone for that matter) in music that she has impacted and inspired.  Personally even just from being present with her, I’ve learned more than I ever thought I could about what art and music can mean to people,” said Romero.

As Romero mentioned, Newbold has been teaching students different aspects of music at Lakehouse Music Academy, in Asbury Park for the past five years.

Newbold said teaching music was intimidating at first because she felt she did not have enough lessons herself, and had only taken theory in school.

“The moment I took that leap of faith and put myself in positions where I was vulnerable was the quickest way to learn, and it was so great. There I have been able to solely focus on music, which has been amazing,” said Newbold.

The vulnerability Newbold mentions seems to be the way she likes to live. As a genuine person in a smarmy industry, Newbold has confronted and overcome many challenges. One of the most notable being the breaking up of dollys, which propelled the discovery of her individual identity.

“After dollys broke up, I spent that summer for the most part, where I grew up in East Brunswick, with my mom and my sister. I was going through a tough time after having put that much energy time and passion into a project and having it just not be there anymore, I wrote a majority of these songs focused around that time,” said Newbold.

According to Newbold, songs on this album deal with relatable struggles that she faced at that time, like breaking up, issues with friendships, and her own changing identity.

Newbold said, “For me, changing my identity was a huge part of these songs. I thought, strip away all of your titles. I was Natalie the drummer and lead singer of dollys, Natalie the girlfriend of this person, Natalie friend of this person, stripping it all away, and what I was left with, is a huge part of record. Figuring out what my sound is and what my songwriting is.

What is wonderful about the songs on the upcoming album is how honest they are. Newbold’s approach to songwriting is refreshingly sincere, and therefore especially enjoyable and relatable.

“I don’t want to be disingenuous. Especially when it comes to something I am so passionate about like who I am and what I am writing,” said Newbold.

Despite longing and anticipation, fans must wait until record labels that Well Wisher are working with find a good time for a release. Sniffling Indie Kid’s, the bands current label, are supportive of all of the bands decisions regarding the upcoming release.

Thankfully, there are many other things to look forward to including a notable show coming up at The Stony Pony Summer Stage May 27th. Well Wisher will open up for New Found Glory, Bayside, and Crime in Stereo, along with other noteworthy groups playing on the Sick Tour XL, but keep your eyes on social media where shows are frequently announced, featuring Newbold solo and with the entire band.

Playing and collaborating with distinguished artists is something of a pastime for Newbold, who is the single featured female artist on any songs recorded by The Front Bottoms. Find her on the EP Rose, and notice the track “Jim Bogart” specifically, where it almost sounds like she wrote the lyrics herself, though Newbold insists those were written from the bands beginnings.

While Newbold’s past was filled with trials as a female artist, struggles with family, a difficult break up, and disintegrating friendships, fans and friends can expect all of this to be translated into gratifying songs for us all to cry, scream, sing, and ponder as a result.

It will come to a surprise to none to see Newbold prove her process of coping with life’s complexities, by doing… and doing well.