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Benefits of Playing Golf in the Summer || Lifestyles

Not being able to see your family as much you as you like during the school year can be tough. That’s why it is important to take advantage of the summer months to bond with your family and make up for lost time. Playing golf in the summer is a great way to spend quality time with your parents and siblings!

Although it may not seem like it, golf is actually great for your body. Golf courses are typically around four miles in length so it involves a lot of walking. When you opt to walk rather than driving in a cart, you can get your heart rate up to about 100 beats per minute when you play one round in about five hours. This burns a good amount of calories, so playing golf is a way to keep your heart healthy. A person needs around 10,000 steps per day to achieve any type of weight loss. Playing an 18 hole round exceeds this number!

Golf is also a low impact activity, meaning there is not a high risk for injury. This makes the game appealing to all age groups- even grandparents! You can safely play golf with all the members of your family, rather than a sport like basketball or football where your grandparents most likely would not be able to participate in.

Playing a game like golf is also a great way to relive stress. When you play a round, there is a good amount of time in between each shot. During this time, you can clear your head or catch up with your family, which are good ways to improve your mental health. The golf course is a great, calm and relaxing place to talk to your family about anything you have been wanting to tell them. It can keep you active within your lifestyle and close to your family. Freshman marketing student Carla Puig Jou said, “My whole family plays. We spend so many hours together on the course I love it.”

When you go on vacations many resorts have a golf course which is a perfect family activity. If not at the resort, you can most likely find one nearby popular tourist destinations. This allows you to travel and make memories with your family in new places. When you look back on a family trip, you can remember the different golf courses you played at. “Whenever I see my extended family we try to get a round of golf in together to catch up and have some fun,” said Head women’s golf coach Sue DeKalb

Golf is something you can play throughout the entirety of your life, so learning the game is definitely worthwhile. Although the game can be difficult to master, it is pretty easy to learn the basics, this can allow you to play recreationally. Having a player in your family teach you is an easy way to bond with them and become closer. Golf is a popular sport to play in the professional business world also, so learning the game is beneficial in that aspect as well.

Playing a round of golf with your family in the summer is an easy way to get your family together for a few hours of fun. Senior music industry student Nicole Govel said, “My dad always tell me about the different courses he’s traveled to. He always tries to get me to play in the summer, I think it would be a fun thing for us to do together.” It’s a great excuse to spend the day in the sun and improve your tan, get active, ease your mind, and socialize. Even if you are not a professional, all levels of players can enjoy all that the golf course has to offer. Grab a club and go to the range!