Attention Jersey Shore

Attention Jersey Shore: Shoobies Have Invaded

 Shoobies, an NJ-based indie band, is currently hard at work to mold all your favorite throwback vibes into modern grunge-pop.

Not unlike the tourists from Nickelodeon’s Rocket Power that they’re named after, Shoobies are ready to invade.

But rather than beaches, they are moments away from invading every concert venue around the country… and then the world.

Drawing from 80’s and 90’s influences like The Cure, Nirvana, and Erasure, the band is not afraid to bring something different to today’s alternative scene.

I once read that “alternative” is merely “a label for the label-less.” Shoobies aptly matches this description.

With a heavenly debut album set to be released early next year, their fans have plenty of new songs to look forward to.

Shoobies has already put 70 hours of studio time into the album with producer Tim Panella at Lakehouse Studios. They shared their progress on Twitter, calling it “the coolest indie-pop record of all time.”

The album will also be joined by a book and film, allowing listeners to become immersed in the creative vision that Shoobies has been developing since their start in 2016.

The film will serve as an adaptation of the novel, with the album acting as a soundtrack to the entire story.

Led by singer and writer Casey Marley Breidenbach, the band masterfully blends together yearning and happiness, staying true to the “all-encompassing” love that inspires their projects.

In an announcement of the album, Breidenbach said, “Although we’ve always released small projects, we feel we are now ready to create our biggest project yet – a ten song album that takes listeners through my darkest conceptions, and most earnest convictions.”

Forthcoming singles from the album will be released in the near future. In the meantime, there are three Shoobies EPs available on Spotify.

The band’s first release, Claude Monet offers a look into the various sides of their musicality. Cherry is filled with rock-heavy tracks. Mocean, the band’s latest release, is a little slice of summer and the best representation of their sound.

If you’re looking for a song that will make you dance, check out their most- streamed track, “Violet.”

If you want a song that feels like sunshine, listen to “Peachy” – so sweet, it needs to be on repeat!

Shoobies has also started to post “Bedroom Sessions” on YouTube at the end of every month. In these videos, they record old, new, and unreleased songs live from their bedrooms.

Their chemistry is electric, likely attributed to their lifelong history as best friends. Brandon “Beef” Page (drums), Dylan Bailey (bass), and Dylan Skorge (guitar) join Breidenbach in making every show feel like a party.

At their concerts, there is always an environment of unbridled bliss. There is rarely a person in the crowd who is not smiling and singing along.

Shoobies will be in the Monmouth area on Friday, April 19. They will be performing at The Saint in Asbury Park with Flipturn, Sonic Blume, Jet Black Alley Cat, and Ocean Heights.

These bands can also be found on Spotify. Flipturn’s “Chicago” and Sonic Blume’s latest single “Aubrey,” inspired by actress Aubrey Plaza, are both guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

Doors open at 7:30 p.m., and you can get your tickets online now through The Saint’s website.

You’ve worked hard this semester! Before the stress of finals kicks in, take this chance to go out and dance with your best friends.

Shoobies will also be joining The Happy Fits, another local treasure, during The Juicebox Tour on select dates this May.