Pandemic Election

The Pandemic Election

The election is looking more uncertain than ever. On Oct. 2, President Trump posted a Tweet saying that he and his wife Melania Trump both tested positive for coronavirus and are showing mild symptoms. It has also been revealed that candidate Biden has tested negative for the coronavirus.

The internet has been very controversial concerning this topic. Many people showed sympathy to Donald Trump and his wife while others are glad that he contracted the coronavirus and are hoping for his retirement in office and life. People are now assuming that if Trump does not make a recovery soon that it could be fatal for him and Biden will become president in the November election.

There has never been an instance where a president has died before an election. If the president did die before the election, the most likely occurrence would be that the vice president simply takes his place. However, it could also be postponed due to complications regarding the change of leadership in such a short time frame.

Although, if Trump did make a full recovery, then the election would still be held in November; and yet, people are still uncertain due to coronavirus whether an election should be held in the first place. The biggest reason why people have mixed feelings about this election is because of how voting will work. I feel that we should have an election during these times of uncertainty because people need a leader to look up to and help guide others.

However, others believe that this election will be highly inaccurate due to the controversy over mail-in ballots and in-person ballots. People are also worried about their vote getting lost in the mail or just being returned to their address.

Many people want to vote regularly and go to the polls to cast their votes so it can be as accurate as possible. However, due to the coronavirus, people believe that the number of cases will spike if there is a mass amount of people. And, if there are any elderly citizens voting in person, they might contract COVID-19 due to their weakened immune systems.

Although there are many viewpoints on whether to vote in person or by mail, there is one thing that people are encouraging everyone to do, and that is to vote. Popular influencers and artists today are stressing that young people should vote in this year’s election and to simply believe that their vote matters.

Artists such as Snoop Dogg and Tyler, the Creator who never believed that their vote mattered registered this year and are going to vote because they now see the importance of voting.

Your vote could mean the change in our country. Make sure you are registered to vote and have requested your absentee ballot if needed.


IMAGE TAKEN from@whenweallvote on Instagram