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Masking Up Against COVID With CUS

It’s time to mask up! Corazones Unidos Siempre Latin Sorority Incorporated’s chapter at Monmouth University will be holding a PPE drive this month to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The “Wear the Mask” initiative will run from February 1 until the fifteenth of this month.

Each year during Black History Month, the Latin organization hosts a donation drive to pay tribute to the works of Dr. King. This year is the organization’s fifth MLK Day of Service donation drive.

Like most things, the “drive” will look a little different due to circumstances related to the pandemic. Traditionally, the drive would take place on campus so students could help assemble whatever was being donated.However, this year, the sisters of CUS will be collecting monetary donations as a way to assemble COVID-19 pandemics for the less fortunate.

Yarleny Mejia is a sister of CUS, and has contributed greatly to the organization of the drive. She said, “Students can help by donating $5 towards latex gloves, $3 towards masks or hand sanitizer, and $2 towards pocket tissues.”

In addition to monetary donations, students can help support the cause by sharing the virtual flyer that the organization has posted to their Instagram account.

Mejia stressed the importance of PPE donations saying,  “It’s important to donate PPE because those who are less fortunate do not have the resources to provide themselves with these COVID essentials that have turned into a daily necessity.”

For more information on the drive, check out the CUS Instagram page, @cus_gammabeta.


PHOTO COURTESY of Anthony DePrimo