Happy Days

Happy Days Full of Tasks

April showers bring May flowers, but May flowers bring distraction to school and homework. With the seasons quickly changing and school coming to an end, being stuck at a desk all day while the weather is beautiful might impact how and when we get our work done.

Going to class is much harder when it’s nice out simply because we want to enjoy the beautiful weather. With the spring bringing life back to our surroundings, our motivation to stay inside significantly decreases. Students do not want to worry about going to class and sitting at a desk for over an hour when it’s 75 and sunny outside.

During the winter, it’s more natural for us to want to stay inside during these colder months. Being that we are forced to stay inside, we find ways to be productive indoors for the time being. However, as soon as the weather warms up, we want to get outside and class becomes harder and harder to find motivation for.

With having to adapt to virtual learning this past year, most of us have been stuck inside our homes looking at dreary winter weather for months. It has only made things more difficult in terms of cabin fever. With the weather warming up, students want to be outside now more than ever. Although nice weather can be a distraction to school and homework, there are a few ways to enjoy the spring weather and get your work done.

Instead of sitting at a desk cooped up inside, take your laptop and textbook outside.

Sitting outside offers a change in scenery and change of pace from a normal routine. This can be extremely motivating to learn. A new environment adds excitement and might improve your concentration.

With some classes at Monmouth offering in-person meetings, it is a great opportunity for professors to get students outside. Outdoor classes are a great way to change up the normal classroom scenery. Not only does it get students out in the fresh air and increase their motivation to learn, but it’s also easier to follow CDC guidelines and social distance.

In addition to taking your school supplies outside, when you’re in between classes try going outside for a walk and getting some fresh air. Walking can improve your mood, reduce stress, and it’s a great form of exercise. While reaping these benefits, you’re also enjoying the weather and scenery by going on a walk. Simply taking a break outdoors and getting some vitamin D can increase motivation to finish your work and stay in class. After it’s all done, you can go outside and enjoy the weather.

Getting motivated to go to class can be tough sometimes, but especially when it’s nice out. Bringing your laptop outside, taking breaks in between classes and going on walks, and suggesting outdoor class to your professor are all ways we can get our work done and enjoy the nice spring weather.


PHOTO TAKEN by Shannon McGorty