Enjoy the Charming Darkness of Halloween with Coraline

Halloween is right around the corner. The leaves have turned, the air is crisp, and it’s arguably the best time of the year. What better way to get into the groove of the spooky season than with some friends, a bag of candy, and a scary movie?

But there are so many movies to choose from. Sure, you could go horror route, with classics like “Halloween” and “Scream”, or you could enjoy some laughs with “Hocus Pocus” and “Beetlejuice”. Among the multitude of movies available to choose from, one stands out in particular, “Coraline”.
“Coraline”, which was produced by LAIKA Studios, is a stop-motion animated movie based on author Neil Gaiman’s novella of the same name. At its core, “Coraline” is an adventure of a mysterious parallel otherworld and completely captures the Halloween spirit.

The movie follows the titular character, Coraline Jones, a young girl who moved across the country to a new apartment at the behest of her parents. From the start of the movie, it is evident that Coraline, a creative and imaginative child, is bored and neglected. As she explores to escape said boredom, she meets her neighbors Wybie, the property owner’s grandson, Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, two old eccentrics, and Mr. Bobinsky, a Russian man who trains jumping circus mice.

As Coraline explores her new home, she finds a small, locked door, which when opened, exposes a brick wall. However, when she unlocks the door later that night, she discovers a bluish-purple tunnel that leads to another small door. Coraline curiously climbs through the tunnel, where she is then introduced to the Other World, the real world but more fun and fantastical.

The Other Mother welcomes Coraline with open arms, showering her with gifts, food, and fun. Coraline comes back night after night as she begins to enjoy this home over her own. However, things start to turn when the Other Mother tells Coraline that the only way she can stay is if she sews buttons into her eyes. Naturally, Coraline rejects the idea, realizing she needs to find a way out of the Other World before she is stuck forever.

Turns out, the Other Mother is an evil woman named the Beldam, who lures neglected children into her world, sews buttons into their eyes, and then abandons them. Coraline volunteers the help of her friends in an attempt to escape this nightmare. Coraline’s scheming against the Other Mother creates a twisty plot that is the perfect combination of creative and spooky. Moreover, the tantalizing visuals created by LAIKA Studios are beyond impressive as they form a stunning and immersive experience for the audience, ultimately enhancing the eeriness of the plot.

Collectively, there is no doubt that “Coraline” is a beautifully made film. Its family-friendly appeal broadens the audience, making this a great movie for everyone to watch. While “Coraline” is not specifically a Halloween-specific movie, its dark, fantastical plot and stunning visuals make it an appropriate choice for the occasion. So, turn off the lights, grab your friends, enjoy some candy, and watch “Coraline” this Halloween. You won’t regret it.