Bae-Basket Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and with it, we can share a little extra love and appreciation by gifting something meaningful to our loved ones. Nevertheless, we can sometimes come up short on how to plan the perfect gift. Whether it’s for a friend, partner, or family member, this is your go-to guide on how to plan a Valentine’s-themed gift basket.

The first step is to estimate how much you want to buy by asking yourself what kind of budget you have in mind for your gift. Then, find a store that aligns with your ideas.

Target is one such option to consider because of their varying price points for products. You can’t have Valentine’s Day without some form of treat. If the person you’re shopping for is a cookie-lover, try out Target’s Favorite Day heart-shaped strawberry shortbread cookies with white chocolate chips. The limited-edition Ghirardelli Valentine’s Day chocolate hearts are also a perfect edition to your basket for those with a sweet tooth.

If your Valentine loves cozying up with a nicely scented candle, check out the heart-shaped candles at Target for $10. Pair this up with a comfy blanket, a soft plushie, and an adorable mug, and you are all set to go for the ultimate cozy gift basket. Throw in an extra gift of self-care this holiday season with some cute face masks.

Walmart’s selection is even cheaper this season. Choose from a selection of cute, vintage-looking baskets, then add in a little teddy bear and a pair of heart-patterned, fluffy socks for some added softness.

We can’t forget about those special cards for only a couple of dollars. Add in a sincere, heartfelt message, and it becomes priceless. Top your basket off with chocolate roses for only $1 apiece and some Valentine’s Day-themed SweeTARTS that come with a couple of sweet sentiments.

Costco is another great option for more unique treats and gifts. Try out their yummy heart-shaped macarons or some Tru Fru chocolate-covered strawberries. If your partner is into crafts, definitely consider purchasing the LEGO Bouquet of Roses Display Set for Valentine’s Day. This can be something fun that the two of you can do together.

You can also never go wrong with a Squishmallow. Some of the newly released animals this year include Atwater the Love Monster, Sy the Angler Fish, Samir the Whale, and many more, all with their own adorable Valentine’s themes. Their addition to your basket is sure to make it a showstopper.

Five Below is another perfect choice if you’re rolling on a budget this year. Pick up a heart-shaped Ferraro Rocher Chocolate box and some mini chocolate roses. Give the gift of accessories this Valentine’s Day with their heart-shaped mirrors and adorable claw clips. They also have a ton of home décor to choose from to match the lovey-dovey mood.

The presentation of the basket is arguably the most important part. You could try making a color-basket this season, picking out items that match the person’s favorite color. If you want to go full on Valentine’s Day, add pink or red tissue paper on the bottom to make it more decorative. Attach mini Valentine’s balloons to the basket for some extra pizzazz and add in a sweet card with a handwritten message for the final touch.

Remember that it is your thoughtfulness and kindness that make these gifts so special. Think about your Valentine and tailor the basket to what they love to show that you really care about them. Whether your basket is $100 or $10, the important thing is that your gift lets your person know how much they mean to you.