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Major Spotlight: Communication

The Department of Communication is home to many students. Among one of the most popular majors offered at Monmouth, this department houses different clusters of Communication studies to fit every student’s needs. The Department of Communication offers programs in Communication, Communication with Journalism/PR, Communication with Media Studies and Production, and graduate programs, such as Communication with a concentration in Integrative Digital Media and Communication with a concentration in Strategic Public Relations and Social Media.

Throughout the Department, many of the University’s prominent and larger organizations are ran through Plangere. By getting this hands on experience, students are introduced into a wide variety of potential careers they can dive into. The clubs and organizations include, “The Outlook,” WMCX 88.9, HawkTV, Shadow PR Firm and Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), CommWorks, and HawkInteractive.

Nicole Chamberlain, a senior communication student, said, “The main thing I love about being a communications student is the openness/expressiveness of the entire department. The classes go so in-depth about topics that I feel are extremely relevant from both an educational and personal perspective. I know I’ll use what I learn in my future endeavors!”

Bailey Fredericks, a junior communication student and Opinions Editor for “The Outlook,” emphasized, “My favorite part of being a communication major is that it’s so fun! Throughout my 3 years at MU I have had the opportunity to have some really awesome experiences like having my own radio show, operating my person website and blog, and work with amazing clients through the PRSSA.”

Communication proves to be an extremely flexible career path to go into, working with many types of people and exploring your own creativity.

Fredericks continued, “I think the benefits of studying communication is that it’s so broad. You can really do whatever you want with you degree in any field you want. Communication is everywhere from sports to the music industry, so the skills you develop in college will always be utilized!”

If you are interested in any of the major clusters, or want to become more involved, contact Deanna Shoemaker, Ph.D, Chair for the Department of Communication.