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HawkTank Spotlight: Cultural Senior Concierge

To many, family is extremely important. We care and love the people who have shaped us into the people we are today. Senior political science and international relations student Taiphane Orange began her start-up, Cultural Senior Concierge, a concierge service for non-medical senior citizens. Inspired by her Grandma, Orange said, “The idea for Cultural Senior Concierge was created as I imagined the life I want the elderly in my family to experience in their golden years.”

Orange continued, “I want to make sure that in the future, she can receive care from someone who will cater to her needs and personality. I want her to feel understood and appreciated, all in the comfort of her home.”

These concerns are often felt by many who have elderly family members. Just like countless others, she wants to ensure that care is personal and built to those who need some extra assistance.

Orange believes her business will help the community and allow the elderly to continue their regular routines. She elaborated, “Cultural Senior Concierge will benefit a wider community because it allows seniors to continue to live with dignity and professional family members to continue with their day-to-day activities. I believe it can be mutually beneficial for all parties involved, including workers, individuals receiving the services, and family members and friends.”

Being a HawkTank finalist requires the help of the University and Monmouth’s Center for Entrepreneurship. Orange continued, “[The Center] gave me a space to share my ideas and the resources to develop them. Since my first meeting, I have learned many personal and professional skills that I will continue to use. Alison (Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship) created an environment that allowed me to express and process my emotions as I go through each step of the journey, which I greatly appreciate.”

By having a team support your business decisions, it can help build confidence within yourself and reassure you that the correct decisions are being made. These decisions are useful when deciding which way to take your business, especially if those helping make these decisions have been involved in businesses for many years.

Pitching your idea to professors, peers, and business professionals can also be a daunting task. Orange commented, “I feel ambivalent about being a finalist. I am proud of the work I have done so far and excited about what I believe it can be. However, I am also extremely scared about the route to take and everything related to it. As I feel this, I try to remember that I have done scary things before, for instance, going to college or doing Debate Hawks; the start-up will be only one of them.”

This venture hits close to home for Orange, reflecting her curious nature and personal experiences. “The idea for my start-up may have been influenced by my mother and family tradition to always take care of the elderly,” added Orange.

In order to witness Cultural Senior Concierge’s pitch to the HawkTank judges, be sure to attend HawkTank on Apr. 17!