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Trunk - or - Treat is Really Sweet

Trunk Or TreatAutumn is here in full swing. The leaves are turning, the temperature is dropping and more importantly everyone’s favorite time of the year is right around the corner. Each year at the end of October hundreds of thousands of children go out dressed as their favorite superhero or princess to collect candy.

However, the biggest concern for parents and loved ones if how difficult it can be for children to do so in a safe manner. The solution…Monmouth University’s Trunk or Treat!

The event was introduced to the campus and surrounding community by the First Year Service Project last fall as a way for Monmouth University to provide a safe place for children to trick or treat

Former Student Coordinator and alumni, Deanna Getty said “It gives me so much joy to see the students of Monmouth working together to do something wonderful for the community. Seeing the joy on children’s faces last year was priceless and I can’t wait to see how successful the trunk or treat is year!” Most children are unable to go out late on the night of Halloween to collect candy because they have school early the next day, or their parents work, or the family doesn’t feel safe with their children out too late.

Hosting an event during the day on campus allows the family to have all the fun!

I am sure many of you have never heard of Trunk or Treat before. So what is it?

Trunk-or-Treat is a daytime event that brings Halloween to the Monmouth University parking lots. Students, faculty, local community members all bring a car to park at campus. Bringing a plain car to a Trunk or Treat just isn’t enough though.

Decorating your car makes the event more fun for all. Popular themes for car decorations are; Candy Land, Animal Themed, Superhero’s, Ghosts and Spiders. Kids then can enjoy walking from car to car and receiving candy. They’re popular at schools, churches, in rural areas where homes are far apart, and in places where trick-or-treating just is not safe.

The event has music and games, it becomes a family event.

Since the event is hosted by an on campus organization it is only fitting to have other on campus clubs and organizations host trunks.

Last year over 20 organizations hosted trunks at the event and this year we are expecting even more! Several organizations also worked together on their trunks. First Year Service     Project Student Coordinator Lena Sharesky said “It’s great to see Monmouth University organizations collaborating and making such a positive impact on the local community.”

The First Year Service Project is adding its own twist to the Trunk or Treat this year by hosting several activities for the community to participate in while at the event.

These activities include; a donut eating contest where donuts are hung from strings and children have to eat them without using their hands, a pumpkin painting station, a mummy wrapping station, and face painting.

First Year Service Project Advisor Katherine Browna said “Trunk or Treat is a creative way to welcome the local community to Monmouth’s campus and showcase so many of our student organizations working together for a great cause.”

Events such as this allow Monmouth University to showcase its students and their willingness to give back to the community.

The event this year will take place on October 30th from 12pm-2pm. We encourage everyone to come with family and friends for a day of fun. Do not miss out on the Halloween fun!

The event will be held in parking lot 16 next to the field hockey field.


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