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What Do You Want to Do Before You Graduate?

During their time at the University, students will do more than just go to class and prepare for careers. College is an experience, and the only way to have experiences is to live life to the fullest. No doubt every student has a bucket list of some shape or form before graduating. Work and study are very important, but there are absolutely some things every student should do in their short time at the University, and who better to ask than the students themselves? 

First of all, there are a multitude of things to do on the campus itself, which the staff and students work very hard to put together. These are designed not only to allow students to have a good time, but also for students to interact and create new friendships with each other, which is especially important for new students. Who says you need to go off campus to have a good time? 

“Every student at Monmouth should attend events like Monmouth Palooza, Spring Fest, the Involvement Fair, Battle of the Buildings, etc., because essentially they are always fun, and it’s a great way to get involved and make new friends,” said Samantha Toc, a junior communication student. 

The campus has more than what first appears on the surface and can be a stepping stone when it comes to getting to know the area and enjoying your time away at college. 

But there’s more ways to spend your time than just enjoying yourself on or off campus. It can be both fulfilling and meaningful to help someone else, either on a small or large scale. 

“Personally I think any kind of service work, whether that being on campus or in the local community, would be beneficial. Some of my best Monmouth memories have been around service projects through student government or through Alpha Kappa Psi,” said senior psychology student Michael Qualiano. 

Other students even participate in service trips to countries like Nicaragua, Haiti or Guatemala, and can come away from that experience feeling rewarded and fulfilled. 

Furthermore, it can be just as rewarding to help out in the local community, which can further your own life at school, especially as a resident. 

Christine DeStefano, an adjunct professor in the Management and Decision Sciences Department, recommends that students study abroad during their time in college in an attempt to gain a global perspective. 

“Wherever you want to go to, it’s important to go. These are all up and coming places, especially making it good to go out and potentially open up new doors for yourself,” DeStefano explained.

But overall, your time at the University is an experience of your own. Every one of us will look back at these four years and wonder if we could have done something, or many things, differently. The hope is that we will all have as few regrets as possible. 

Alumni Andrew Boxman also offered some advice to students at the University, “I would say that every student should go to the beach as much as possible, attend big and small concerts in Asbury Park, which is the best music scene in the state, get dinner in Pier Village and walk the boardwalk, go and see a play at Woods Theater, do homework on the back [steps] of Wilson Hall, and finally just put down the phone and get lost with your friends while discovering the world for yourself.” 

This is the reminiscence of a graduate, who has completed his time at the University. There are many other students all working toward different goals in different ways. 

It can be scary, being able to do nothing but keep moving forward with the future constantly looming over. That’s why it is crucial to make the most of these years. Go out, see the stars on the beach, take in the scenery and appreciate where you are in your life.

Time moves pretty quickly, and if you don’t stop and take it all in, you’ll miss out. That’s why everyone should have a list or a few goals to complete before they leave college and continue onto the real world. 

Live life as you will, otherwise you’re just an observer. These years may or may not be the best of your life, but if you get the most out of them, they will be ones you will always treasure.

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