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Fall Wardrobe Must Haves

Fall Clothing Must HavesFall weather can be described as an “in-between” season. As it’s too chilly to wear a sundress, but too warm to wear a fuzzy sweater all day.

In your fall fashion wardrobe, it is important to remember the idea of layering and color coordination. Fall can easily be any fashion lovers favorite season. When the weather is finally cooling down and leaves start to turn, it is important that your wardrobe changes with it.

The first and favorite fall fashion essential is a cardigan. There is nothing more versatile than a grey or tan cardigan. It also comes in handy when first transitioning into the brisk fall weather.

Cardigans are great to layer over summer camisoles or tanks tops that you have not yet parted with, making them great for any type of weather coming. Something that has also become very trendy recently is buying a bright colored cardigan, such as red or yellow, it can really help spice up a basic outfit. A plain white tee shirt with jeans is a classic look, but add a bright cardigan and you’ve made it original.

Ahh, with a new season comes new shoes. You cannot be walking to class in your Old Navy flip-flops anymore so it is time to break out the fall footwear. A very common theme that is seen in the fall, especially around campus, is wearing boots.

From work boots, to booties, to combat boots, and more, there is such a variety of this popular footwear. Boots are easy to match with anything ranging from jeans and a shirt to even a dress.

Alexis Nulle, a specialist professor of communication, gave her input on footwear. “My favorite fall fashion staple is my boots,” she stated.

Now that flip-flop and sandal season is over, I look forward to wearing them. They are essential to any fall outfit.” And there it is, the coping of putting away your favorite sandals and the act of getting ready for boot season.

Another one of the greatest fall fashion favorites is a vest. They are a great piece to have for the cooling weather. Contrary to popular belief, they do keep you very warm and it’s a great substitute for a jacket that often makes you feel too bulky.

 They are also very useful in the sense of what you are using it for. You can use it for adventurous activities such as hiking, biking, or camping; but you can also wear it just running quick errands to the store.

Vests are also an essential piece in your fall wardrobe, they are handy nonrestrictive, and a great addition to any outfit. They are also so easy to find at a large variety of stores and the vest can act as a complimentary piece to any outfit when we begin transitioning to the winter weather.

Another great inexpensive fall fashion is scarves, specifically blanket scarves. Blanket scarves are big, cuddly, and comfortable; the name implies how great they actually are.

Who wouldn’t want to wear a blanket out in public and look stylish? There are also so many different ways you can wear your blanket scarf, either wrapped around, as a cape, or just draped down.

Again, this clothing piece is a great transition from fall to winter weather, keeping you so warm as the air gets cooler.

The blanket scarf is a great addition to anyone’s closet because luckily, they come in many colors. When looking at the hot trends right now, plaid patterns are very popular for this particular clothing item.

One could call the pattern fall plaid; it is very trendy in the fall season and can always add some fun to a plain outfit.

Fall is also known for the large amounts of plaid flannels that are seen. Flannels are a great piece for anyone to own because they are so diverse.

Anyone can wear them, this is an item that definitely is not gender specific. They come in light and airy versions as well as fleece, and there are so many different colors and styles of this item.

Many people use flannels in the fall because walking to class may get chilly, but not cold enough for a jacket, and then when you step in that hot and sticky classroom, you can take it off and just be in your t-shirt.

When asking different students about what their favorite fall fashion essential is, their answers of soft sweaters were popular. A junior psychology student, Brielle Kough, said “I love sweaters in the fall because they are just so comfy, cozy, and cute.” Kough continued, “They are also easy to use when wanting to stay warm on a chilly day.”

When talking to sophomore nursing student, Brielle Saunderson, she agreed. Saunderson stated, “Sweaters are perfect for the fall because they keep me warm, but not too warm, they are perfect for the brisk air.”

With the fall quickly approaching hopefully this can help with an insight of what is an absolute necessity in your closet!

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