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Activites to Cure the Rainy Day Blues

default article imageRain has the potential to put a damper (no pun intended, though maybe just a little bit) on any day of the week.

Whether it’s Monday and you have to trek all the way to Bey Hall with nothing but a hoodie and an inverted umbrella to keep you dry or it’s Saturday and you’re stuck inside watching the torrential downpour, the rain sinks any chance of outside enjoyment.

The sky opening up is just about the last thing anyone wants happening, especially when it means saying goodbye to summer and being forced inside to take shelter from the elements.

So, I’ve thought of just a few things that will help our Monmouth hawks soar through this bad weather with ease.

First and foremost, just hunker down at your desk and get some homework done.  Personally, I can’t sit and enjoy any time I have to myself if I have an assignment nagging me from my book bag.

Being stuck inside gives you no room to procrastinate and make up excuses as to why you didn’t read that simple five-page introduction chapter.

Most people choose to catch up on YouTube video series or their latest Netflix obsession (I highly suggest flipping through a couple episodes of Black Mirror) on a rainy day.

While lying in bed seems to be the popular option, I always thought making a blanket fort would be fun.  I know we’re technically considered adults, but that doesn’t mean we can’t act like children sometimes, right?

Toss a blanket over some chairs or the gap between you and your roommate’s beds, grab some pillows for the floor and you instantly have a more adventurous way to watch all your favorites. The point is to have fun here, don’t take yourself too seriously.

Board games are something I think we forgot about when we grew up. It’s so easy to get caught up in the technology we have sitting around.

Sometimes rolling some die or shuffling a deck of cards is all the entertainment we really need. Round-up a small group of friends who are equally as bored as you are, buy a cheap deck of cards or board game from the dollar store and you’re set.

Why not bake some cookies to eat while you play? While not everyone on campus has access to an oven, those who do can test out a new recipe (or use the store bought cookie dough. We don’t judge).   

You can also choose to have a spa day. Paint your nails, apply a face mask and relax while you listen to your favorite music or even just the sound of the rain outside.

It’s easy to become stressed, even at the start of the year when you read your syllabus and see all the assignments you will have to complete. At the end of the day, you want to be sure you’re taking care of yourself.

One of my guilty pleasures is scrolling through Pinterest and pinning all the cute crafts they have to offer. There are thousands of DIY and craft ideas floating around on Pinterest. On dreary days, I take the opportunity to go to Michael’s, get the supplies I need and try my hand at a few of the projects.

Even if you don’t want to commit to something big, adult coloring books are time consuming and have that relaxing element that a stressed college student needs. 

Your rainy day survival guide can carry you through even the worst of storms (I’m talking to you, Florence). I challenge you to do at least one new thing from this list and if all else fails, taking a nap is never a bad idea.

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