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Why You Should Travel the World

Travel WorldWithin the past 365 days, I have been to four countries and four states. Traveling is something I highly recommend and believe everyone should do it, if funds allow. I know traveling can be expensive but it is worth every penny. When traveling you get to experience, learn, and observe different cultures. You get to try new cuisines, people watching, and communicating in new languages.

This past year, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy. While studying abroad I traveled to Croatia and even stopped in Germany on the flight in. Even though the layover was not long, I still experienced a new airport and different foods.

The airport had smoking rooms and the food was not the typical American food I am used to. Even McDonald’s was different. American airports prohibit any type of smoking inside the airport or airplane. This is something that I had no idea about and was a complete surprise to me.

Florence, Italy was a life-changing experience. When immersed in a new culture for about a month you notice so many differences from the United States. A major difference was the cuisine in Italy. It was to die for. The ingredients were so fresh and not processed at all, unlike in America.

My friend, who is lactose-intolerant, had dairy in Italy with little to no problems. Having fresh produce and food literally from farm to table is something we strive for in America but rarely achieve.

One of my classes took a field trip to a local farm and we learned about the different vegetation systems and products grown on an Italian farm. The farmers even prepared some dishes with their foods and it tasted so much better than food on the shelf back home. A first-hand experience like this is important to see and understand the diversity in the world.

While abroad, a bunch of us traveled to various locations within Italy and even ventured out to Croatia. Each major city in Italy was unique in its own way. For example, Venice is built on water and the only form of transportation is on boats. There were police, fire, and ambulance boats. No cars or trucks whatsoever in the town.

Croatia was such a beautiful country; we went to the ocean and even to a national park. The different currency, food, language, and activities were much different from the States and Florence or even Italy in general.

This past winter break I went to Canada with the Monmouth University Snowriders Club. The temperature was the polar opposite in Canada, below freezing on most days. Canada is an interesting mix of French and American culture. Half the cuisine is American and the other half is French.

Experiencing different countries and even different states gives diverse perspectives on cultures and life in general. You can notice a large variety of differences and even some minor similarities to your own culture. Thus, finding a new understanding of the culture and tradition more than you have in the past.

Having this knowledge of the world is important and even looks good on resumes. Potential employers like to see their employees to be adventurous and not too comfortable in their typical environment.

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