Is a College Degree Still Necessary?

College has long been regarded as a safe way to ensure success in the future. Yet in this struggling economy, that does not seem to be true. How many friends or family members do you know that have a college degree but no job? Most of us know at least one person in this predicament.

College is very expensive and spending all that money with no reward has proven very frustrating for post graduates. According to collegeboard.com, college tuition costs three to four times more than it did just 20 years ago.

Nowadays, college students finish school with an average of $25,250 in student loans. Without a well-paying job, it is quite challenging for the average student to pay off his or her loans.

All these factors have people second guessing the idea of going to college. People are beginning to question if college is still worth it. This decision is made even harder when students see numerous successful people who did not attend college or finish it.

These names include Rachael Ray, the celebrity chef who never attended college or culinary school; Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook; and Ryan Seacrest, the celebrity personality. These people set an example showing they are not only successful, but also famous and extremely wealthy, without ever attending college or finishing their degrees.

Many of these celebrities are seen as the exception rather than the rule. Most of them had a special talent in a specific field or an exceptional personality that allowed them to excel. Not every person can rely on becoming rich and famous in place of going to college.

Although it is possible to find success, people without college degrees struggle to find jobs more than people with a college degree. Not getting your college degree and landing a well-paying job is kind of like playing the lottery; your chances of winning are very slim but if you do win, the reward could be high.

For every successful college dropout, there are a hundred more who struggle every day to make ends meet. Minimum wage is the only option for most people without a degree, but with a college degree and becoming specialized in a specific field, landing a job is much more likely.

Also, college degrees help prepare you for a career, not just a job. College is where you find what you are interested in and you pursue it. For most people, it is something important that they are willing to dedicate their life working for.

It has been proven that people with a college degree will make more money in their lifetime than people without one. When you first begin anything you usually want to be thoroughly prepared to make sure you will be ready to succeed. This is what college is to life.

College prepares you in more ways than just academically; you learn things and have experiences you would otherwise miss out on. Although college does not guarantee success, you are more likely to achieve it if you have a degree.