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SGA Minutes 2/1/12

The Student Government Association met on January 18, 2012. At this meeting, SGA President Nicole Levy discussed that parking tickets will now be able to be paid online, and that an official e  mail from the University will be coming shortly. She also announced “The Distinguished Teacher” nominees Rosemary Barbera, Stanley Blair, Laura Kelly, Gary Lewandowski, Kathryn Lionetti, Kenneth Mitchell, Mohammad Obaidat, Tina Paone, Michaeline Skiba and Sue Starke.

Also present at the meeting was Amy Bellina who is Director of Student Activities and Student Center Operations. She filed a motion to change the hours of the Student Center on Friday and Saturday nights. She wants to change the time from 12 am to 11 pm

This change is because of the lack of students there at such hours. Some Senators raised concern when in need of items but Bellina said that the Student Center would still have extended hours during midterms and finals.

The advisors were also present at the meeting. Advisor Clay, Kelly and Nagy came in to represent multiple organizations on campus. Clay stated that he will be hosting the Off   Campus Housing Fair and recommends anyone interested in living off campus should come by.

Advisor Kelly stated that the 7pm early movie in Oakwood was not doing very well and is changing the time to 8pm in Oakwood. She also announced that next Wednesday, poet Marilyn Nelson will speak at a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr celebration. Kelly is also looking for a cast for the popular “Vagina Monologues” so those interested are encouraged to speak to her.

Advisor Nagy complimented the great job done during commencement in January and was very impressed. She told the SGA that the band Daughtry will be performing April 20 in the MAC.

During the elections/recruitment part of the meeting, it was announced that there are four available spots to serve on the Senate.

It was also brought to SGA attention that two new bike racks were installed on campus. It was also stated that there would be a refilling station with filtered water, encouraging reusable bottles.

Another suggestion offered was bringing a CPR program to Monmouth because it saves many lives. It was suggested to contact the American Red Cross, police department or nursing school.

It was mentioned during the meeting that a covered bike rack may be built during the warmer months to give more help to students.