The Constant Desire for Tanned Skin

Ninety plus weather, bright sunrays peeping through the palm trees’ shades, warm sand hugging our toes. The ocean water singing to us waiting for us to dive in for a refreshing swim. Oh summer, how we miss you.

But what is it about summer, other than the warm welcoming weather and all that time off from school that we love so much? The sun-bathed skin color everyone achieves of course.

That natural glow we all get during the summer months is a glow many strive for all year long. What exactly is it about this tanned color skin that has people doing crazy things over the winter months?

Thousands of people are constantly spending money throughout the frigid winter to achieve or maintain that summer tan that comes out once a year. Of course without the sun’s strong rays, people go to extreme, dangerous measures. Tanning beds and self-tanning lotions and sprays is the alternate to sun bathing.

What is it about this orange-like color that has people either deep frying themselves or bathing in chemicals that I’m pretty sure do not belong on their bodies?

Tanning salons make tons of money thanks to these color-obsessed individuals, which is awesome for the economy, but not so awesome for the human body.

If standing outside under the sun’s natural UV light is extremely dangerous, what makes people think that lying in, what feels like a human over, being hit by rays all around is any healthier?

I personally have never been in a tanning bed or used self- tanning products; I’m more of a natural look kind of gal, but I do find myself surrounded by people who are into the tanning life.

Although I do not agree with it, I am not one to judge. I understand appearance, unfortunately is everything nowadays. It is normal to be resembling Casper the ghost in the winter.

We obviously aren’t exposed to the same sun rays we are in the summer months. Indoor tanning is just as dangerous as lying on the beach, yet it is ever so popular, along with being a costly investment if one goes often.

Self-tanning, or spray tans are cheaper alternatives that achieves the tanned look, without damaging the skin along with the bank account.

The human body is quite interesting and unique, both inside and out, so why ruin it at our young age?

Everything we do to the body now shows up later. Someone once told me, “Everything that you put on your body that it does not make naturally, is bad for you in one way or another.” I’ll never forget that, especially because it makes perfect sense.

The way the human body has evolved, it can do everything necessary to survive, so clearly a tan colored skin is not one of those essentials.

If you need the color that desperately, by all means go for it, but my recommendation, simply wait the six months out until the real thing comes along. Even sun rays are dangerous, but at least it is the natural way and you can lather up on the SPF.