“Apple Only Please!”

IPhone vs. Android, iPad vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Mac vs. PC: the modern technology battles. These competitions between technology brands and users will always exist. I am sure each of us has our personal preference and is bound to be extremely loyal to one brand or the other.

It seems that there isn’t a person in the universe who is not taking a side. Some prefer PCs, the Microsoft operating system and everything that goes along with them.

On the other hand, there are die hard Apple fans who will never use anything ,but I happen to be someone who is very pro-Apple.

While all technological products are significant today, for students, the most important is probably a laptop or computer.

Computers are serious business; we use them to watch movies, store music and photos, network with friends and family, research, write an endless amount of papers; create portfolios, power points and other projects. Let’s admit it, we would probably all be a little lost without them.

That is why the decision to purchase a certain brand computer or laptop has become a very important investment.

As a college student, I have had my fair share of experience with plenty of Macs and PCs. Hands down, I would pick a Mac over everything.

Macs offer a wide array of helpful tools for students, business professionals, creative artists or innovators.

If one is in a creative field that requires specific programs, Macs are their best option. Different creative artists from graphic designers, to film editors, to DJ’s are all typically seen using Macs. Also, Macs come with more programs or software already installed that can come in handy to the user.

Some of these programs include iMovie, Garageband, iTunes, iBooks, Maps, Facetime, the Cloud and the App store where even more free and helpful apps can be downloaded in one simple click.

With programs such as these, students can easily create impressive projects for school, professional and appealing blogs or other content that can be used for portfolios or for other ways to showcase the work we do in college.

Additionally, the same programs can be used to create certain content necessary in our future careers such as well put-together presentations, charts for data collection or financial planning, videos and podcasts.

Sure, you could argue that many of these things can also be done on a PC. However, I believe doing them on a Mac is much quicker, easier and intuitive.

Overall, using a Mac to create material seems to produce much more professional results. One key competitive advantage PCs would seemingly have over Macs is Microsoft Office.

Conveniently enough, Office is offered in a Mac-compatible format also for basically the same price.

The last major reason I believe Macs are superior to PCs is the security offered. It seems that Apple computers contract far fewer viruses and crash much less than PCs. Usually Macs will remain safe and secure without having to purchase all sorts of anti-spyware programs.

Macs are undoubtedly a heftier investment, but in the long run, I think it is an investment that is well worth it.

In my opinion since everyone has their preference, if you want to really impress professors and future employers, be experienced in both PCs and Macs, and you will stand out for sure.