Cherish the Little Things in Life

When we are little kids, everyone tries to stress the fact that that it’s the little things in life that matter the most. Saying thank you when someone does something nice for you, picking up something for someone when it falls, these are the kind of things that actually really matter to people. Of course, when we are younger, this theory seems absurd. What do you mean the “little things” are the best? I want to biggest scoop of ice cream they have. I want to go on the biggest rollercoaster ride, what do you mean I’m too small? Anything little can’t be anything good.

As we get older, we realize the smallest things can make someone’s day. I am particularly offended when people don’t hold the door open for me, especially when I am steps behind them, so when I walk through a door and people are around, I think nothing of standing and waiting for them to pass.

One day, a very stressed looking mother with a very young baby, was trying to balance pushing the stroller and carrying about six diaper bags and walking towards me. I held the door open and the woman actually stopped and put a bag down to thank me. She said she couldn’t believe how many people don’t do things like that for her and with a hard new job on her hands, she was pleasantly surprised by any small act of kindness. For the rest of the day, I felt like a better person for making this woman so happy.

When asked about what makes her better, Caitlyn Bahrenburg, a junior communication major, said, “My dog, Beau. He’s taught me how to be selfless, compassionate, and what it means to live for another person.”

Vincent Crincoli, a junior communication major and Dan Gunderman, a senior communication major, believe the television have made them better people. Crincoli said, “I think TV has made me a better person because it’s allowed me to empathize with people from other cultures and places in a way that I wouldn’t get to in real life.”

Gunderman said, “I think curling up in front of a TV or screen on  a slow day, watching a movie you’ve idolized for years is really therapeutic. Not only does it allow you to focus on something, but you can grow from the creativity that surrounds you. This is one of the many small things that can help someone thrive.”

Lorena Schmidt, Director of Advising in communication, believes that being creative makes her a better person. “Being able to be a creative person uses a different part of my brain, so that when I have to solve problems, I use creativity to rationalize and get through them. It’s my happy place.” Schmidt also showed me the baby blanket for her friend’s new baby that she was working on in her free time.

In life, we think happiness means the same thing for everyone, but in reality it is very individualized. What makes someone feel like a better person is the same way. Most little things in life we take for granted, like having our pets around or having time to curl up on the couch and relax. Doing small things for yourself everyday can make you a better person, and that means something different to everyone. For some, eating healthy and going to the gym makes them better while for others, eating chocolate everyday can make them better. I agree with the chocolate eating people.

I think everyone has their own small list of things they can do to be a better person. If someone is negative about everything, they probably know that being positive would make them better, but it’s up to them to choose whether they want to change or not. To become a better person, in both small and large ways, you must accept that something has to change. If you have found something small to make yourself better and it makes you happy, I say keep doing it. At the end of the day, the little things in life are all that matter.

PHOTO TAKEN from mashable.com