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Out of the Classroom and into the City: PRSSA Visits Top Public Relations Firm MWW Group

Executive board members of the University’s Shadow PR Firm and Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter visited MWW, a full service public relations firm and global agency, on Thursday, Jan. 16 at the company’s New York City location.

Members of the University’s student-run firm and PRSSA chapter were provided an inside look at what the agency has to offer from both a client and prospective employee standpoint. Current MWW employees thoroughly discussed the agency’s areas of expertise, a typical day in the life of an MWW employee, as well as valuable tips regarding the company’s recruitment and interview process.

A representative of each department spoke to the students about their practice area and what their specific position entailed. This provided students with an idea of the various areas of specialization and opportunities within the agency. Through the presentation, students were also able to determine if their personality would be a good fit for the company as a future intern or employee.

Joseph Cohen, Senior Vice President at MWW and National Chair of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), expressed that campus visits are beneficial for aspiring public relations professionals at the college level.

Cohen stated that though MWW often hosts several local universities for campus visits, the agency’s relationship with Monmouth is particularly valued. “Over the years, we’ve hired a number of Monmouth students who have become some of our best employees,” said Cohen.

“Also, as a firm that was founded and maintains its corporate headquarters in NJ, we love supporting a great local school,” Cohen continued.

Laurel Weber, a junior communication major and PRSSA Vice President, felt that it was important to note how welcoming the MWW staff was towards the visiting University students. “MWW promoted a really comfortable, healthy atmosphere [during our visit] that, to my knowledge, made us all want to apply on the spot,” said Weber.

Prior to visiting MWW, most members of the University’s student-run firm and PRSSA Chapter had not given much thought about pursuing a career at an agency or firm. This originally forgone pursuit now became a goal for Jessica Rinaldi, a senior communication major and Shadow PR account executive.

“I was [originally] so against working in the city at a firm,” said Rinaldi. “However, after going to MWW and getting to experience what their typical day at work was like and getting a feel for the atmosphere, it totally opened my eyes and made me realize I could see myself there.”

Alan Cohen, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, offered valuable advice and solid tips on how to get a foot in the door at MWW. He expressed that an applicant should not solely focus on promoting their work that has been accomplished through college, extra-curricular activities or internship experience, but to also promote one’s personal brand. A company is interested in who the applicant is as a person and is looking for a well-rounded individual. The premise behind this notion is that the well-rounded individuals have more to offer the company and tend to possess more creativity.

Kelly Hughes, a junior public relations major and PRSSA communication director, felt that the agency tour was a valuable experience. “I think [MWW] opened our eyes to how much opportunity there is working at an agency, and the variety you get between all the different clients and job responsibilities for working with those clients,” said Hughes. “The MWW staff also prided themselves on being willing to throw their interns right into the fire and work hands on which was appealing.”

The visit was organized by Casey Allocco, a junior communication major and PRSSA secretary, as a part of the University’s student-run firm and PRSSA Chapter’s newly implemented agency tour program for its members. “Our organization is looking to continue exploring more firms and asking as many questions as possible in order to network with industry professionals,” said Allocco. “I would like if next time we can include some of our general members as well as the executive board so that everyone has the chance to experience it.”