Halloween: A Holiday for All Ages

Happy spooky season! Halloween is thought to be a children’s holiday, where they dress up in their little costumes and walk around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. But people of any age can participate in the fall festivities.

Personally, I stopped trick-or-treating at the age of fifteen. I, or should I say my mother, felt that the tradition of collecting candy from neighborhood houses should be reserved for those young enough to believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny. But, my mother played a large.

However, my friends would still go out and collect candy from their neighborhoods. Although I did not partake in the candy collecting, I still attended haunted houses and scary corn mazes. Just because you do not go trick-or-treating does not mean that you cannot take part in the Halloween activities in your area.

I feel as though there are more Halloween costume opportunities for as you get older. Children are usually pumpkins, or princesses, and maybe the occasional Mike Wazowski.  Adults can pull off the toga costumes and Rosie the Riveter. Not to mention that adults make better superheroes.

Monmouth students are sure to dress up Hallo-weekend for a night out on the town. While they might not be going door to door looking for candy, they are dressing up and having a good time just the same. Some may choose to work a solo costume, while others are involved in a group theme.

Even after college some adults continue the dress-up traditions by throwing elaborate Halloween costume parties. They take it very seriously. Their houses and yards are decorated as though they were actually haunted and the guests look as though they are trying to win a prize.

Even if you do not dress up for Halloween as an adult, there is still a job for you on this spooky night. Distribute candy! Every kid loves that person on the block that gets super excited about the holiday and wears a costume even as they hand out candy.

Plus, who doesn’t love eating Halloween candy. There is no other holiday that is so much associated with candy. October is the only time of the year that I eat candy corn or popcorn balls. Not to mention that glorious feeling when the Halloween candy goes on sale. Aisle three will be completely cleaned out of candy Nov. first.

Magill Commons Dining Hall has also gotten into the Halloween spirit. The ceilings, walls, and floors are decorated with caution tape, bloody footprint, and severed limbs.  There is even a costume contest that will be held for students on Halloween night, Tuesday October 31.

Monmouth also puts on its annual Trunk or Treat event, hosted by the First Year Service Project, so that kids have a safe and fun way of trick-or-treating. During this event, students and faculty decorate the trunks of their cars, dress up according to their cars theme, and hand candy and prizes out to the neighborhood children.

This goes to show that Halloween is a holiday for all ages. From babies dressed up as pumpkins, to adults handing out candy, there is something for everyone on All Hallows Eve.